A Few Thoughts Based on the Events of Last Week

Blog No. 126

Before I get into some musings, I want to point out that this blog is now over 100,000 words long. It’s been going strong for over two years now (600 – 900+ words a week) and while that’s not super speedy or even super long compared to other blogs, I think it’s a milestone I’m pretty happy with. If I were to put the same amount of effort into writing my fiction, I should have a good length sci-fi novel done. But I don’t (yet). I have this. It’s OK too, I guess.

There were a couple of literary events going on in Windsor over the last week. It seems like there are more going on lately, but that could be because I’m more part of the community and get invited more often, or it could be that thing where you see a lot more models of a car when you are looking into buying it (you know, paying more attention or something). I’ve always screamed about the fact there more goes on in Windsor than people realize. The constant complains of “nothing ever happens in Windsor” mixes with tons of events that are cancelled (or bands that never come back) because no one shows up, drives me crazy. It may be that news of that nature doesn’t spread properly, but people don’t seem to look for it because they make assumptions that nothing could possibly be happening here. When I’m asked where we found artists for the Zine cover and Finders, people are agog when I tell them something like Drink and Draw happens on a weekly basis. But that’s a rant I’ve had many times before.

My point is, the more I have going on, the less seems to happen in my life. (Or the fewer things I seem to have to write about). I had a busy work week and had the regular events to attend. With two extra, I should have tons to say, but this week was a struggle. Surprisingly both events had good turnouts (far better than I expected). One was a university even with students involved, so I suspect families and friends helped fill in the crowed (there were a lot of people). The other was a poetry (and fiction) reading (and musical performance). I recognized the writers from other events, so they are at least locally known. While the crowd was smaller, the turnout was solid. I’m terribly with estimating the number of people, but I’d say there were around forty or so. I’m not sure why the turnout was so good, but I hope to replicate it in the future.

When you go to an event in a similar vein to something you are planning. There is a lot you can learn, even if they do things differently than you would. I think I learned more about how not to do a reading from the literary events of the last week. They had fantastic numbers and people seemed to be happy with the results, but I was personally bored. It’s all subjective and different ways work for different content, but for what I write, and the audience I’m searching for, higher energy, quicker readings, and a more relaxed atmosphere are likely the ticket. I may be basing my experience on all the local music events I’ve been to (given that my brother is (and has been) in several bands and friends will other musicians). CD release shows are exciting and fast paced. The music is the content and showpiece. It may be inherent that a musical show is more energetic than a reading, but I think I can change that. I even want to see if some of those local musicians would be interested in joining in on the fun.

That’s still a few months away, but it may take a month of planning to get something like that going. In the mean time (like always) I have to keep working on that content which makes an event possible. I mean, I could probably host an event with writers and musicians and not be in it myself. I could possibly even do one with the content I currently have. I think It would probably be better if I wait for my first book though.

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