Blog post No. 492

6225b4a6fed4c4ee829a3c00231525ecSnow from a Distant Sky is done. Barring any major screw-ups that have made their way trough all the drafts, beta reads, and reviews, all that’s left is waiting for the copies I’ve ordered to come in, bringing some to Biblioasis to sell, and distributing the ones out to the people who have requested to buy it from me. Since the book is officially release, I no longer have any excuse to not be editing the Invasion Novel. Continue reading “Failure.”

Literacy and Signatures

Blog No. 166

Friday is Literacy day at a local grade school and I’ve been invited to go. I will be going to a grade 8 class and both kindergarten classes (thought I don’t think it is kindergarten any more). It is an exciting proposition, though a bit intimidating. I have a teaching degree and some experience with students, so I know how badly it can all go. I don’t expect it to go badly though. It should be great. Any kind of public speaking can be daunting, and I am still getting the hang of those readings. It would be different if I was hip (or something) but I’m rather not, so we’ll see if I can fake it for half an hour. I’ll be asked some questions (hopefully, otherwise that’ll be an awkward half a presentation) and if things go really well, I’ll inspire some students to not risk it all on a pipe dream. I mean, follow their dreams and rainbows and stuff. Continue reading “Literacy and Signatures”

A Few Thoughts Based on the Events of Last Week

Blog No. 126

Before I get into some musings, I want to point out that this blog is now over 100,000 words long. It’s been going strong for over two years now (600 – 900+ words a week) and while that’s not super speedy or even super long compared to other blogs, I think it’s a milestone I’m pretty happy with. If I were to put the same amount of effort into writing my fiction, I should have a good length sci-fi novel done. But I don’t (yet). I have this. It’s OK too, I guess. Continue reading “A Few Thoughts Based on the Events of Last Week”