Writing To Music

Blog Post No. 465

2020-06-11-imageI’m no musician, but music has always played a big role in my life. I really struggle when I don’t have music playing when I sit down to write. I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times that some days I spend as much time choosing what to listen to while I write as I do actually writing. A few times when Adventure Worlds was getting started, I would forget to bring headphones with me when the group got together to write. It seems a little pathetic, but I would really struggle on those days. Eventually, I bought a cheap pare of earbuds to keep in my backpack so that I always have some when I go out writing. (Not that I’ve been able to do that for some time). Continue reading “Writing To Music”

A Few Thoughts Based on the Events of Last Week

Blog No. 126

Before I get into some musings, I want to point out that this blog is now over 100,000 words long. It’s been going strong for over two years now (600 – 900+ words a week) and while that’s not super speedy or even super long compared to other blogs, I think it’s a milestone I’m pretty happy with. If I were to put the same amount of effort into writing my fiction, I should have a good length sci-fi novel done. But I don’t (yet). I have this. It’s OK too, I guess. Continue reading “A Few Thoughts Based on the Events of Last Week”