Knocking off the List

Blog No. 257

cover-final-smallThe crazy weekend that was BookFest 2017 is over and along with it went the layout for All These Crooked Streets and the final episode of Flags and High Fives Season One. Time is still quickly running out for the book launch, but it’s nice to feel like I can take a breath. The flurry of activities are still ongoing (and will be through November with the day job ramping up along with it) but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And really, most of the work is done (or the stuff that was the most work is done) and when the book launch is finished, it will feel a lot more like just a regular busy month. Still, I’m so super tired and can’t wait for December which I have told myself will be filled with writing and little else (even though I know that’s not going to happen). Continue reading “Knocking off the List”


BookFest Windsor Part Two

Blog No. 256 is the start of BookFest 2017, and things are hectic. No matter how much planning you put into something (and I mean the committee did the planning, not me) there are always last minute things that come up. Then there are those dreaded things that can’t be done until the day of the event. It’s always stressful, but thankfully all I have to worry about it a Friday night Panel at Phog (8:30 pm). Other than that, I’ll be volunteering for the rest of the Festival. I’ll do some ticket sales, some moving of heavy things (I’m guessing), some running around, and maybe some driving. It will be a busy, crazy, fun, interesting weekend and I’ll be exhausted by the end. Continue reading “BookFest Windsor Part Two”

A Lot of Endings

Blog No. 255

http3mzlwfrlmj1enpmzwvklmnvbs9zdgf0awmvmjaxnc0wnc90bxavd2vizhiwny82lzizl2fuawdpzl8xntrkmdc2ndlizwezyznkmdgyzmeznduwmdc5mwfmzc0xlmdpzgloglogWe’re already half-way through October (somehow) and I’m running at full speed in every direction except writing. With so many responsibilities I took on this year, my writing has been terrible and I have a long road to build it back up to the quality and quantity I was reaching in January. I’m really betting on the conclusion of a few projects giving me the time I need to get back in writing shape (even thought I could realistically have been much more productive even with the busy schedule). For now, I’m focusing on the final push(es) making sure too keep up the focus that often wanes after months of work and looking forward to a couple of months back into the old routine of writing and events. (Plus that pesky day job that keeps rearing its head). Continue reading “A Lot of Endings”

The Importance of Sleep

Blog No. 253

giphyBack when I was in high school, a good night’s sleep was a solid six hours. If I managed five, I was good to go. Sure, I’d struggle to stay focused, but high school Ben didn’t really care about things like that. To be fair, most of it was probably my fault. Drinking pop too late, watching TV until my parents forced me to bed, listening to loud music all night, leaving important things (like homework) until the last minute (or to be honest, unfinished). And, who knows what else I could have been doing to contribute to the issue. The fact was, though, that I struggled to sleep, and it didn’t seem to be detrimental to anything (except for my attitude if you ask my parents). It was just the way things were and I thought that was part of me forever. (Except for on the weekends and in summer when I’d sleep all day). Continue reading “The Importance of Sleep”

It’s the Yearly Lull Spectacular!

Blog No. 252

Every year, sometime in the second half, I find myself struggling to find topics for this blog. It’s around this time that I start to think about (or threaten to) stop the weekly posts and change formats. I don’t think I’m quite at that point yet, but I’ve been scrambling for the last few weeks and this week I find myself up against the wall. I’ve done it before, but I do lots of things over again so why should this be different? this post is going to be about not having anything to talk about this week. Let’s pretend this is Rick and Morty or something and cgamwcethis is my seasonal clip show. That way it’ll be fun and something to look forward to and not a tedious drag that no one wants. Continue reading “It’s the Yearly Lull Spectacular!”

Episode Seven

Blog No. 251

high-five-gjys-mon-anyone-ont-leave-me-hangin-c-27513757At the beginning of the year, I got a big surprise from my buddy Arvin. He told me it was our tenth anniversary of starting Wii Like To Podcast. Not only was it a milestone, but he was itching to do some more creative stuff. I was happy to oblige and we kicked off the year with an Anniversary Special. It was a really fun trip down memory lane and it showed us just how big our little podcast was once upon a time. The fire was stoked, however, and we started to plan out a new venture that took the form of Flags and High Fives: A Podcast Retrospective. It was a look back on that first podcast and a way for the two of us to ease back into the medium (and with working together again). That first experience is coming to an end soon, but we are working to transition it into something else rather than let it slip away like we did before. Continue reading “Episode Seven”


Blog No. 250

surprise-bags-9Hey, look at that number right above this sentence. That’s 250 weekly blog posts and all but about ten of those have been in a row. When I first started this page, I had no idea what I was going to do, where I was going, or what my writing future would be. I wanted it to be something big, but it was all wishful thinking. It wasn’t until a few years later that I actually decided to take writing seriously and the blog had been ignored. Part of the reason I initially stopped was because I had gotten sick (and that lasted a year) but mostly it was because I didn’t have a vision. Now that the focus is on writing and the routine has been built, the weekly posts seem natural. Really this is about 240 in a row, but those original posts are still way at the bottom (if you ever want to read them). For now, I think  the rest of this post is going to be a grab-bag because I have a few things to talk about, but none of them are big (or really well thought out). Here we go. Continue reading “250”