The Thinking Machine

The Thinking Machine

The Thinking Machine
The Synthetic Albatross: Book One
A Cyber Punk Novella

A Man and a Monster with the Same Name. In a city that spans most of the eastern sea- board, there is a creature that used to be a man. A stranger, from the shrinking wilds of the north, is called by a spirit to enter the city and destroy the abomination. The thing that shares his name. Zed.

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Anchor Coffee House
2187 Huron Church Rd. Windsor, ON

1520 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON

Indigo Devonshire
100 Howard, Windsor, ON


Ben Van Dongen

(All These Crooked Streets, No Light Tomorrow, The Neon Heart)

Ben Van Dongen was born in Windsor Ontario. He likes to think that if he tried harder he could have been an Astronaut, but he is happier writing science fiction anyway. He wrote the novellas The Thinking Machine and The Neon Heart, co-authored the books No Light Tomorrow and All These Crooked Streets, and is one half of the founding team of Adventure Worlds Press. You can read more crazy notions on his website.