Book Hunters Windsor

Blog No. 203

img_20161009_121732698A while ago, no one knows exactly when (unless you were to do a cursory look on line) a principal in Belgium started a facbook group. She had too many books to fit on a shelf, so she hid some around her city and posted hints to the group as to where they could be found. It took off like crazy. There were international news stories about it (which is how I found out about it). The idea isn’t new. Geo cashing has been around for decades, and I’ve even heard about specifically hidden books around cities before. Still, it’s a neat idea, so a couple of writer friends and I stole it. Continue reading “Book Hunters Windsor”

The Dying Days of Summer, The Birth of Autumn

Blog No. 197

This morning, while I was driving to work, I noticed a smell, and it wasn’t the sewage treatment plant I pass on the last leg of my journey. I was driving passed a beautiful wooded area (I’m lucky to have several small ones near me) and the air turned crisp. It didn’t last very long. By the time I was pulling into the parking lot (desperately searching for one good song before turning off the car and heading for the building) the sun was chasing the freshness away. We’re reaching an interesting time in our seasons, the transition into my favourite season. The mornings are going to become cooler and more invigorating (for me I suppose if you’re one of those people who can’t get enough blazing heat) but the afternoons still hang on to the summer sizzle. I never know how to dress, but at least I feel more alive for the start of the day. Continue reading “The Dying Days of Summer, The Birth of Autumn”

Multi-Topic (Because one wasn’t enough)

Blog No. 196

voltroncrewThe last few weeks have been stuffed full of tasks needing my attention. More than writing or publishing, I’ve had work, family, and general domestic responsibilities come home to roost. I’m not sure if any one of them is worthy of being a blog post on its own, but perhaps together they can make up the approximation of one. As usual, I’m not necessarily sure where I’m going from here. It may just be a list of stuff I’ve been doing (not including all the slacking off I manage to fit in throughout the week. But that could be fun right? Continue reading “Multi-Topic (Because one wasn’t enough)”


Blog No. 193

I’ve just finished ripping through the Percy Jackson books (by Rick Riordan) again. I think it’s the third time I’ve read them, but I don’t keep track of that stuff much. This year I’ve made a conscious effort to make reading more of a daily habit. As a writer, it’s a necessity, and it’s a good way to spend the last hour or so of your day. I haven’t exactly met my goal of a book a month. Sometimes I can’t seem to find the time, or the book isn’t quite good enough for me to make the time. Sometimes I just have to priorities writing (which is still a touchy topic at the moment). Either way, from January to May I had only had four books read. The last one was slower than I’d like, and I didn’t have another book lined up yet, so I figured it was time to go back to some books I had previously enjoyed and knew I could get through quickly. Partly to beef up my count (Christian is a reading machine this year) and also because I had a hankering to experience that world again. Continue reading “Re-Enjoyable”

London Nerves

Blog No. 181

cropped-dsc00122.jpgOne of the banner images at the top of my page (the ones that change when you reload it) is a snow-scape taken from the balcony of my tiny apartment when I was living in London Ontario. It was several years ago now, and I was only there for eight months for school, but it was a very formative time in my life, so it’s really stuck with me. I even talk to people like I know London like the back of my hand, but, while I’m acquainted with the place, I realize I will never know it like someone who was born there or lives there. Still, I have the lay of the land and a few potent memories that stick out above the jumbled mess in my head. Continue reading “London Nerves”

Success vs. Failure

Blog No. 178

13043272_10153592841130983_8780445078630331825_n           The April event train continues with one more down and one to go. Saturday evening was Shadows of Thought. You may wonder what the heck that even means. Let me tell you. As Christian and I attempt to shatter records (including the most local events by authors or something) we decided that we should have another reading. Many of our events have been signings (or conventions which is a signing amongst many other people). The only time we’ve read (to that point) was at the launch. As it’s impossible for everyone to make every (or a specific) event, so having more than one makes sense. Plus, if people like it, they get more! That meant having another reading. At the time that Shadows of Thought was planned, we didn’t have anything for April. Thankfully (though resulting in a full schedule) we were invited to other fantastic events (last week’s Fogolar Flea Market and next week’s Essex reading). Continue reading “Success vs. Failure”

After the Event

Blog no. 164

PrelaunchThat went well. No sarcasm needed. The book launch last Saturday was a smashing success. Before I delve into it, very special thanks to Phog Lounge, Brendan Friel, and Justin Cantelo for being part of the event. Also, to all the people who came out to celebrate No Light with us. We moved a bunch of books and packed the house. As far as book launches/readings/concerts go, that was the best one I’ve been to (and I was part of it).

The whole thing went by at super speed, like when you fast forward a VHS tape. In my mind there were even the blur lines. I suppose I’m not the first person to pour so much time and effort (and worry) into something to have it flash by. I hardly even got to hear Brendan play (which is tragic because he’s great). Between kind of shared MC guy, fretting over my reading, making sure the merch table was set, shaking hands, and signing books, being in the moment was tough. There are a few stand out memories I will cherish (for as long as my memory holds out), but so much more that I’ve relived through the accounts of others. Continue reading “After the Event”


Blog No. 143

There I was, locked in a room with my friend and four strangers. The key was hidden somewhere beyond a locked door and we had to find the combination. We split up the room and started tearing it apart looking for clues. Nothing was spared. Tables were upturned, stools were disassembled, carpets were pulled violently away. Within minutes we had the room in shambles. Nothing was untouched. Gathering in the middle of the room, we righted a table and split all our collected items onto it, searching for patterns and connections. With the makings of a plan, some astute perception, and lots more looking, we were able to use the puzzles to unlock more clues to more puzzles. Ideas were rapidly created, attempted, and discarded, and when all hope seemed lost, we found the code to the locked room. Inside there was another lock, more clues, and no hope. Our time ran out and the game was over. Continue reading “Escape!”

Movie Memories

Blog No. 132

The other night, Christian and I went to go see the new Mad Max movie. I told myself beforehand I wouldn’t write about it. While this blog isn’t about anything specific, it’s certainly not about movies. Something happened though. Despite all the hype (and I’ve heard a lot for this movie) it happened to be one of the best movie going experiences in recent memory. The movie was a fast, exciting, crazy thrill ride. I completely lost myself in the film and I still haven’t come down from the fun of it. It made me think of all the other great movie watching experiences I’ve had (too many to fully recount) and I decided I would try to touch on a few of them here. I have been an avid movie fanatic my whole life. I’ve talked before about my family being big movie watchers and the massive collections of movies we all have. It’s been a big part of my life and those memories have been an integral part of my desire to tell stories and will influence me for the rest of my life. Continue reading “Movie Memories”

Race for the Cup

Blog No. 127

I am a lazy man. People who know me, know that fact. I’ve never tried to hide it, and while I’ve made an effort to change it, I am still firmly on the lazy side of the coin. I have lots of work, writing, and general life tasks ongoing at all times. I sometimes get into a good place and make headway through the stream of obligations, but more often than not, I am swayed by the distractions set along the riverbank. TV and Movies are big ones, but over the years, video games has joined the list. At the drop of a hat I’ll shirk my duties and watch a show I’ve seen a hundred times, or play a game (that I will inevitably quit in minutes and spend time looking for another game to play instead). I’m not alone in my procrastination, a whole culture as risen up around the concept (tying into hating Mondays and quoting TV for laughs). I am but one of the many disciples of sloth. I’m trying though. This blog is an example. I may be forever behind on my writing, but I’m doing it. The list of things to get done (populated by laundry, finish the basement, wash the car, and mow the lawn, is at a low I haven’t seen since I was in high school (and didn’t even write a list). Something is getting in my way though. It’s sinister and keeps me up late at night. It’s the NHL playoffs. Continue reading “Race for the Cup”