Break Front Cover

The Synthetic Albatross: Book Four

A Sci-Fi Novella

Ulrich, with his Artificial Intelligence partner in tow, works as a cleaner stopping hacks and setting up security in Corporate networks. When he’s called in to deal with a rogue AI infiltrating the system of the largest manufacturer of semiconductors in Corporate occupied space, he inadvertently draws unwanted attention to his peculiar AI companion.
What’s a lone cleaner to do when the all mighty Corporations want what he has?
What truth is waiting for him when caught in the middle of clashing Corporations and executives willing to do whatever it takes to stand out against the competition?


“Break/Interrupt is a fun fast-paced ride that’s hard to put down. This gritty future world is immersive and fascinating, and Ric and his AI will have you rooting for the good guys!”    

I Sylvano, Author of Green River


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Ben Van Dongen

(No Light Tomorrow, The Neon Heart, Broadcast Wasteland)

Ben Van Dongen was born in Windsor Ontario. He likes to think that if he tried harder he could have been an Astronaut, but he is happier writing science fiction anyway. He wrote the novellas The Neon Heart and Broadcast Wasteland, co-authored the book No Light Tomorrow, and is one half of the founding team of Adventure Worlds Press. You can read more crazy notions on his website.