London Nerves

Blog No. 181

cropped-dsc00122.jpgOne of the banner images at the top of my page (the ones that change when you reload it) is a snow-scape taken from the balcony of my tiny apartment when I was living in London Ontario. It was several years ago now, and I was only there for eight months for school, but it was a very formative time in my life, so it’s really stuck with me. I even talk to people like I know London like the back of my hand, but, while I’m acquainted with the place, I realize I will never know it like someone who was born there or lives there. Still, I have the lay of the land and a few potent memories that stick out above the jumbled mess in my head.

On Saturday, Christian and I were at Chapters for a signing. It was my second one and his hundredth (or fifth or something). We eschewed the offered chairs and stood for three hours, pestering nearly everyone who passed by. It wasn’t a record breaking even like last time, but we sold quite a few and left feeling satisfied with the effort. We also left exhausted, hoarse, and sore. Three hours doesn’t seem like much, and when I worked at Chapters, I would regularly spend eight hours walking around, trying to help customers. There is something about working a table though. It takes all your energy, especially if you are a writer type who would much rather be hidden behind your computer writing a blog or procrastinating.

shockstocklogo_2016Our next event is at the end of the month in London (see what I did there, introducing both things separately then tying them together? Writing). We bought a table at Shock Stock, a three day horror convention. With long scheduled hours, it promises (as do the organizers) to be visited by thousands of people. The table (for all three days) is the most expensive we’ve purchased, plus we’ve decided to get a hotel room rather than drive home every day. I know what you’re thinking. Two nearly middle aged writers sharing a hotel room. Sexy, but it will likely be used for dumping our stuff, eating crappy food, and crashing at the end of the day.

Three days, the longest one lasting eight hours (plus setup and tear down). Three days of blathering at passing people, hocking our books, asking stupid questions in the hope of forcing a polite Canadian to stop and listen to our pitch. It will likely be an exciting time, and could be huge for sales, but man is it going to be gruelling. I’m lucky I have a writing partner to share the work, but man, am I intimidated.

Still, I’m really excited to go. Sarnia was a huge success and London is currently an untapped market for Adventure Worlds. Plus, hotels are fun (I doubt I’m the only one who things that). I’m excited to show Christian some of those places that stuck with me when I lived there, and we get to be at a convention too, even though most of it will be seen from behind our table. Most importantly, it’s a push forward for both of us. I know Christian is closing in on the end of the first draft of his novel, and I’m inching towards the same for my novella. We need all the experience and connections we can get to make those books even more successful than No Light Tomorrow. So London, I’ll be in you soon.

Shock Stock is May 27th  4 – 10pm

May 28th  11 – 8pm

May 29th  11 – 5pm

At Centennial Hall in London Ontario.

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