Holiday Season

Blog Post No. 474

presentsIt’s hard to not write a post about the holidays, especially since this post is coming out just days before Christmas (which is the holiday I celebrate each year). Writing a seasonal post is becoming a bit of a tradition (like my little birthday and yearly look forward and back posts). I try to keep things interesting, especially with repeat type posts like this one. There is only so much to say about the end of the year holidays and I may have said it all, already. But, let’s see if I have anything new to add.

As everyone out there knows (or should know) this is the second Christmas of the pandemic. My oldest brother moved to the US several years ago and I haven’t managed to get out there to visit yet. There was a tentative plan for my other brother and me to go for Christmas of 2020. You can guess how that ended up. Then, when the vaccine was out and numbers were shrinking, there was another discussion to maybe make the trip this year. Again, that’s not happening.

ayx66exm0g441I also haven’t been able to get to Montreal to visit Arvin and his family. (Another complete travesty). Discussions for both trips have been pushed back to summer of 2022, but I’m not holding my breath. Thankfully, technology is good enough that I get to chat with both families over the internet (and see all their beautiful, shining faces). It sucks that I’m stuck with video chat again this year, but it’s a small price to pay to be safe. What’s worse is that my parents live close by (a several minute drive if there’s traffic) and I hardly see them (especially now that it’s cold and porch visits are out).

I haven’t been all that into Christmas since I started working and faced the soul-crushing reality of holiday shoppers. The holiday has always been big for my mom and a little less big for my dad (less only because it’s hard to top how much my mother loves Christmas). I’m sure there were a few years where I was moody and difficult because I decided I hated Christmas and it was stupid (and commercial and all the negative vibes that go along with the modern take on the holiday). I hate to think I hurt my mother’s feelings (though I’m sure I’ve inadvertently done so throughout my life). Now that I’m older and I’ve mellowed, I see that the good part of the holiday (spending time with people you care about) is worth the rest of it.

december-decemberweenNot only is it a good time to visit with friends and family, it’s also a good time to connect with people you may not keep in touch with as much as you’d like. Though, during a pandemic, it’s a little more difficult to do. Either way, it’s a time to think about those you love and a video chat is better than nothing. Hopefully, we can get our act together and by next Christmas, we’ll be out of this mess and I can see some of the people I’ve been missing. Though, I’m not getting my hopes up anytime soon.

Hopefully you and yours have a good holiday, whatever you celebrate, even if it’s just having a day off to spend with your loved ones.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Season

  1. Vanessa Shields

    happy yule and fabulous new year to you, ben! thank goodness vibes travel safely – the good ones filled with love and joy! sending some your way!

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