Turntable Troubles – Part Two

Blog Post No. 473

20211122_185759This is the second of a two part blog post. You should probably start with the first one, but I’m not your supervisor. I left off having ordered a turntable that originally went with the old stereo system that my brother had given me years ago. Though, things don’t always go as planned.

The first turntable came from Salt Lake City. I looked like it was in good shape in the add and while it was a little pricey for a used turntable (mostly due to shipping) it wasn’t unreasonable. Unfortunately, it never arrived. I tried to contact the seller, but didn’t get a reply. Thankfully, after an email, ebay refunded my money. I spent a little time looking in places other than ebay, but the few that I had found were far away and most people weren’t interested in shipping them.

The second one I ordered did arrive, but it had gone through hell in the shipping process. It came from California and according to the seller, it made it to the international shipper in one piece. He was nice enough to look into it. The ebay rep suggested I make a claim against him, but I didn’t want to take the payment away from the seller if it was the shipper’s fault. Eventually I got a refund and the seller got to keep the payment, but I was left with a damaged turntable.

20211122_185753I keep a search up and saw a few more. There are a bunch of similar models but since my system is an odd colour, I wanted the one that matched. Eventually, another unit came up in Ohio and the price looked alright. I put it in my wish list and the seller offered me a $5 discount. That made the actual turntable less than the shipping, so I went for it. It had been over a year since my first order, but it wasn’t smooth sailing yet.

After a month of waiting, I contacted the seller. I was worried I was out of luck, like I had been with the first order. But, they looked into why I hadn’t received the unit yet (and why I hadn’t been getting shipping updates). It turned out that the turntable made it to the international shipper, but was sent back. The seller put it back in the mail and a week later, it actually arrived.

10380581_10152365667831760_148297619845824783_oI was a little hesitant since the first one that made it to my doorstep showed up in pieces, but other than a few scuffs on the dust cover and a tiny crack in the back (that is hidden pretty well) it was in working order. Except, it didn’t have a belt, the 45 adapter was missing (which I had seen in the photos), and one of the dust cover brackets was broken. I had the second unit, though, and with a lot of cleaning and a little mix-and-matching I put together a single, decent looking turntable.

vv0atfiq4mdstxap6lprIt’s running a little slow. I ordered a new belt, but there are speed trimmers on the motor, too. I had ordered a new stylus when I thought the first one was coming, so I had that to put on right away. I’ve only played around with some records over the last couple of weeks and it’s just slow enough that I notice. Hopefully the new belt will sort it out and I can go to DR. Disc (the local record store) and see if they have any of the records I’ve been wanting to buy for the last couple years.

I don’t think I’m going to do a big ebay purchase for a while. It all worked out eventually, but it took a lot more effort that I would have liked. There is a really rare DAT player that matches the stereo, though. I may keep an eye out for that.

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