Blog Post No. 475

giphyThis is it. The last post of the year. As any readers who have followed me for a while know, I reserve this space for looking forward to what next year may hold. There are usually a lot of hopeful expectations that don’t always turn out, but I’d like to think that over the course of writing this blog, I’ve made real progress. As for predictions, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. I missed the mark when I guessed what 2020 would hold and even when we were mid pandemic, I was way too optimistic for 2021. Not in terms of writing or productivity (I’ll get into looking back in January when I reach the new year mark from when I started this blog).

We’re in the midst of the Omicron wave but my whole family (and most of my friends) have gotten their booster shot (or are scheduled very soon). So, hopefully the pandemic may actually come to some kind of resolution in 2022. Not that I’m booking any flights or putting down deposits on tables at conventions. I was way off when I guessed when I’d get to do some in person writing.

giphy-1I’m sure some of my fellow writers will be getting out more this year, but I’m not there yet. There will be lots more solo sessions for me. Maybe, if things are looking really good, I’ll be more comfortable getting out in the summer (but again, no plans here). I miss meeting up with my comrades. It was a struggle to bring up my productivity with solo writing, but with the strides that I’ve been making, I think I’ll manage to do okay this year.

I really miss going to events and conventions, too. They were sometimes a drag, but I liked getting my books out there and meeting new people. Somehow, I never ran out of things to talk about with Christian (who I was almost always with). Glen Hawkes, the artist, designer, and comic creator extraordinaire, said he was interested in doing some shows, too, so I’d like to get out with him some time soon (and maybe the three of us if we can all work it out).

As far as writing plans go, once again, I’m expecting to get more short stories written this year. Maybe I’ll finally find the secret sauce that’s been missing since No Light Tomorrow came out in 2016. There are a few that I’ve started and I really should wrap them up and give them a much needed edit.

im-just-so-excited-for-our-future-south-parkThe latest (and last) novella, Snow from a Distant Sky, is deep in the editing phase. It should come out early April like the rest of the series has. I’m excited for this one (I always am) but I’m a little sad that I’m putting the series on hold. Hopefully I’ll get back to it sooner rather than later.

As for novels (the reason I’m putting the novella series on hold) I plan to not only finish editing the Invasion Novel (finally) but also get the first draft of novel number two written in 2022. I’m still not sure what story I’m going to choose for the next novel, but I hope to start it in August like I had the novellas for the last few years. That puts a hard end date on editing the Invasion Novel and getting it out to agents. I can overlap writing and sending out quarries if I have to, but I don’t want either the edit of Invasion, the quality of the submissions (with all the specifics agents ask for), or the writing of the new novel to suffer.

134128I’m getting into some new territory for 2022 and I’m excited and nervous in the same way that I was when I first released Thinking Machine in 2018. It’s (mostly) a fun feeling. The reality of the day job has changed and it feels like its always in flux now, but so far I’ve been able to make it all work. If I have to make changes there, I will. There may or may not be some plans in that arena, but I’m in no position to be decisive about it right now. I guess the only other thing on the agenda is ebooks.

As ever present as short stories in my list of things to do, I think I’ve reached the end of my excuses. It’s time to go forward with what I’ve done and see if I did it right or I have to pay for a service to do them. How I’m going to distribute them is another issue that I haven’t given enough attention. All stuff for future Ben to worry about. Present Ben has gone on way too long, so I’ll end the post here.

Happy New Year and best wishes for health and happiness for you and yours!

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