The Holidays

Blog No. 317

20181214_174640-1Last week I was invited to a last minute event at Biblioasis, which was my last event of the year. I wasn’t expecting anything, but they asked me a few days beforehand if I would come to a Holiday Schmoozer with other local authors to be on hand to sign books and what have you. There were some other authors expected and our books were put on a little display table, but the crowd was mostly made up of other authors, too. Not to say that it wasn’t a good time. I just happened to not really be a draw for the store. Some books sold that night, but none of them were mine. I’m not too disappointed. I didn’t have much invested other than time, and I spent my time successfully Schmoozing, so things worked out just fine. I even got one of Biblioasis’ cool Christmas Ghost Stories for taking part. I’m going to call it a win.

A very tentative plan has been considered for another reading at Biblioasis in the new year. No date has been set, but first quarter some time (maybe). The last reading I had there with Christian, Edmond Gagnon, Jessica Gouin, and Jamie Tennant, was a good one. We hope to replicate that with a couple of other guest readers this time. But, that is all in early stage (thinking about) development. The next thing for sure is the Workshop schedule for January 19th from 1-4pm at Gertrude’s Writing Room (hosted by and with support from Vanessa Shields). The title has been confirmed as, Monsters, Aliens, Short Stories, and Friends. Christian and I will take the participants through such exciting topics as Short Fiction, Genre fiction (Horror and SciFi of course), and working with a partner. We’re still flushing things out and getting our lesson plans in place, but it should be an interesting (and dare I say, fun) afternoon. The next confirmed event isn’t until the Sarnia Pop Culture Show in April, but we will have more stuff going on before then. It’s just not solidified enough to put in on the Events Page.

Poster 2As for what’s going on now? I’m just finishing my last couple of Day Job shifts before Christmas. Then the place shuts down until (I believe) January 2nd. I have a couple of shifts over that week for de-decorating, and while I hate decorating with a passion that rivals my hatred for ketchup, a couple of paid shifts in a closed building putting all that stuff away isn’t something to complain about. While the Hall opens on the second, my first shift back is on the third. That leaves a good chunk of days where I am free to write, edit, sleep, and cavort. Of course Christmas proper is spent with my family (we are a group that celebrates Christmas) and likely another day or two will have some family time. With no day job keeping me locked away, I should have the time to do the family stuff and get my editing in, so I am expecting an enjoyable and productive week.

My biggest priority is the second draft of The Neon Heart. I’m just shy of half way thought it, but the second half is was a lot more difficult to write than the first, so I’m expecting the editing to get tougher too. I wanted to get the third draft done by the new year, but that’s not going to happen. Hopefully I’ll be ready to send it out to some beta readers early in January. I have to have it out by April (assuming I am invited to Shock Stock again) but I’d like to have it done nice and early with lots of time to design another great cover, polish it up to a shine, and make sure the printed copies are good quality and in my hands before the event. Plus, I have the novel to get back to, and the sooner the better for that. I feel like it’s going to be a bit of a slog to get that one to where I want it, so the sooner the better for that one too.

48388414_10155992159020983_6367168533897412608_nI will have a post for next week. It’ll be my end of the year thing. It sits between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so for now, have a good Christmas if you celebrate it. If not, have a good whatever you do. Make some time for friends and/or family (I’m behind on that) and I hope you get some time away from your responsibilities and get to do some things you love. I’m looking forward to a Christmas Breakfast tradition, then a nice, quiet day hanging out with my family (then an early bed time!).

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