December Update

Blog No. 316

upalazyriver201Before I started to write today, I too a look at the calendar and realized this will be my third last post for the year. Usually I do some kind of end of the year thing that starts around now and finished with the post closest to January 10th of the following year (since that was the date of the first post since I’ve been doing this weekly almost six years ago). I may keep that for next week, or for the final week of 2018. Not sure. Today, I’m going to talk about other things. I suppose. That doesn’t mean that I know what I’m going to write about. I’ll figure it all out as we go!

I’m still in the midst of the Day Job quicksand. I’ll get about four solid days off for Christmas (not including the day itself which will happily be spent on family gatherings). I have to come in for some de-decorating and an unfortunate New Years Eve shift, but other than that, I’ll be writing and editing as much as possible. I started the second draft of Neon Heart. I was a little worried because the first three or four chapters were really easy. All I did was changes a couple of awkward sentences and caught a wrong dialogue tag. I started to get nervous at that point, but thankfully (I guess) the fifth chapter had a lot more to fix. It’s approximately a fifth of the way through the story (nearly a quarter). It was a good first day, but I started late (as usual) and there is still a long way to go (as usual).

droswcdu8aecpxyI’ll get a few more good sessions (or opportunities for a good session) between now and Christmas. I doubt that I’ll get the second draft done by my break. I still hope to have a solid third draft done by the new year, but I have no idea if I can make that happen or not. January is currently looking pretty light for the day job, so I’m going to try to live on the cheap and get lots of work done during that free time. I have a long editing path to go for Neon Heart and I only managed to get a few chapters done on the Invasion Novel (that’s going to be a whole big thing when I get back to working on it, I’m sure). Since I have my deadline of the end of April for The Neon Heart, that takes precedence. Shock Stock announced their dates as April 26 – 28 2019 and since The Thinking Machine was launched at Shock Stock last year, it makes sense to have Neon Heart there as well. If I get it done sooner, I may launch it early, but I will worry about that if I get there.

All of that planning depends on whether or not Christian and I get the invite to Shock Stock or not. I hope so. We don’t always walk away with a profit, but we tend to sell a good number of books and it’s fun to hang out with all those Shock Stock folks. It will also be a good time to test out selling books in pre-bundled packages. Right now Christian and I do discounts on multiple sales, but a bunch of other local authors gave me the idea to literally tie the books together and sell them as a set. I’ll try to think of something cooler than twine, but again, we’ll see if I get there.

tkfmb7I have one event left in 2018. Biblioasis was working on a holiday reading to go along with their Christmas Ghost Stories, but I didn’t pan out. I’m not surprised. They are so busy. They will be having a Holiday Schmoozer tomorrow and they invited me and some other local authors to sign our books. Which is nice. The first scheduled event for 2019 is a Gertrude’s Writing Room Workshop in January with Christian. It will be my first workshop, but I spent all that time and money on a teaching degree, I hope I can still drudge up those skills. There are other things in the works for the new year, but I’ll worry about them when I get all that figured out. Christian and I have talked about a Green Bean event and some reworking of the ChiSeries along with a general evaluation of what events are working and what has to change. I hope to do a local launch for Neon Heart when it’s out, but it would be really small, like a signing at Anchor or something. I’ll have to talk to them before I start spouting details. Well, that lasted longer than expected. Let’s call it a December Update, or something. I’ll try to get a cooler title (but probably won’t).

4 thoughts on “December Update

  1. foodtravelmovies

    The package or set idea has earned me extra $, I’ve sold 5 my last two shows…4 book sets with a $10 discount so it’s $70 a crack. It seems to grab those who don’t know where to start or are looking for gift ideas…great this time of year. I (Cathryn) wrapped mine in clear red plastic with a strip of police crime tape around them. Taking charge cards made me extra dollars too.

    1. The crime tape is a great idea for your books, Ed! The physical package idea partially came from you as well.
      I’ve been thinking about getting one of those square card readers for credit cards. Is that what you use?

      1. foodtravelmovies

        Yes, I have the little one that comes free, plugs into your phone or tablet sound port. It takes credit cards and deposits directly into bank account. “Square” takes 2.5 percent like CC companies. They have a newer bigger square that now takes debit and is bluetooth. They’re $60. Google it.

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