Post Birthday Crash

Blog No. 238

I promise, I’m not milking my birthday for views. I know it’s over. The problem is, I should go back to talking about writing and publishing, but I’m so far behind, and I’m so tired, I just have nothing to say about it this week. So, for now, lets focus on something fun and go over the partially unexpected crazy birthday shenanigans I had over the weekend. I suspect this is going to be another short one, because really, how long can a person talk about one little thing like a birthday? Maybe pretty long. I do that sometimes.

My weekend started on Saturday (as many weekends do). I slept in later than planned, missing the downtown market yet again. That’s neither here nor there though. Just another thing that happened to happen. Spending the morning packing, I helped my brother load his truck with gear, and by four(ish) his the rest of the members of the band Fake Low were there and we started the convoy to Corunna. If you don’t know Corunna (and I didn’t) it’s a town just outside of Sarnia. That meant, we had a nice, fairly short drive. While I’m not in the band, they were happy enough for me to tag along, especially since it was my birthday weekend. They were playing the Firefighters Field Days, which has been an annual event for over 40 years. I was warned it’s a wild party, but I wasn’t prepared for the reality.

I’m generally a terrible judge of numbers. I couldn’t tell you how many people were there, but it was a lot. The fire hall, large enough for three full size trucks, was empty and the adjoining back lot was mostly covered in a tent. It was big and it was full of people. Like a lot of small town festivals, it was a varied mix of people too. Young and old danced, drank, sang along with the music, drank more, cheered, drank so much more, ate pizza, and drank. Luckily, thanks to being with the band, I got to drink on the cheap. I took it fairly easy. going overboard for doesn’t take much anymore, and while I had fun, I was sober enough at the end of the night to help the bad with their gear. They were happy to have me tag along, but I like to help out when I can. The evening didn’t end when the party did though. With everything packed up and a place to crash secured, we went out to one of the many after parties until very late at night.

In the morning (too early for my taste) my brother and I hopped into his truck and made the trip home. I crashed instantly, but he had to be a trooper and practice with another one of his bands. The evening was spent in good company with a family dinner, then I went for a quiet drink with friends, making sure to get home at a reasonable time. Even with that, and the rest of the week, I’m still exhausted. It was all worth while, and even with the craziness, I was able to limit the damage. I suppose that means I’m growing up. I did have an epic Nerf fight with my nephew though, so thankfully not too much. Now it’s back to writing and editing. I have to take a look at all the things I have to do and all the things I want to do and make anew plan. I’ll have to find a new routine too. My old one is long since shot. Wish me luck!

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