Birthday Post!

Blog No. 237

maxresdefaultEvery year around this time, I go ahead and have a birthday. It’s a day where I mark the passing of another calendar year, thus adding to my numerical age. I’ve been doing it my whole life. I’ve even heard of some other people doing very similar things. I’m not accusing them of stealing, I think more than anything, it’s a coincidence. I’m actually kind of glad that I’m not the only one. Makes me feel like I’m part of a community or something. I do think I am the one who invented the term birthday. It’s because I mark my yearly numerical value from the day I was born. If you ask some of these copycats, I doubt you’ll get as quick an answer.

My Birthday is actually over the weekend this year, so this post is a few days early. If you send well wishes now, though, I’ll gladly accept them. As with many folks, the older I get, the less important the day becomes. Strangely, that trend reverses when you start hitting higher milestones. For me, I’m at the point where it may as well be another day. I am, however, creeping ever closer to the first of those worrisome ages. I try to not let age bother me, and for tnewsradio-oral-history-mainhe most part, it doesn’t, but the realization that I’m going to be closer to forty than thirty sits in the pit of my stomach.

The real reason I’m concerned with age at all is down to my desired achievements and/or state of being. Like most people, I have a rough idea of things I’d like to have accomplished by forty. I know how I want things to be. Having not done those things, time is short. At least I’m making progress. Putting in the effort. My desired accomplishments are probably different from most people’s, I suspect. Rather than a house, wife, or kid, I want a book deal, a sports car, and to be in really good shape. It’s more than that (and less) but the statement at least serves a point. I’d say it’s apocryphal. It’s not necessarily perfectly factual and certainly doesn’t tell the whole story, but it tells a truth through the narrative. My goals are not common ones.

Image result for birthday undergrads cartoonAgain, not that any of that matters. What matters is that I’m working hard and my birthday is in a few days. I’m looking forward to a small celebration with my family (where we also celebrate my brother’s upcoming birthday since it’s not easy for all of us to get together all the time and I’ve learned to share in my old age). We’ll have a barbecue, enjoy a drink on my parent’s porch, and sing the traditional song. While I would just as soon spend my birthday organizing files and watching YouTube, I’ll certainly enjoy the time with my family. It’s as good an excuse as any. I’ll see you all next week, a little older an none the wiser!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Post!

  1. Christian Laforet

    Yep, you’re a stupid, old loser. That is what your blog post was about, right (I didn’t actually read it, I just assumed)?

    Also, nice word use in ‘apocryphal’.

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