Moving Right Along

Blog No. 239

maxresdefault1Last week I got the final edit back on my story for the crime anthology. I think the editor still has Christian’s to finish, but I still have to go over it an make my final draft. It’s the culminating of six months of writing, editing, waiting, editing, waiting, editing, and waiting. I wish I could say that I used that waiting time wisely, but here we are. I haven’t done much more than open the file so far. I know there is still time to get it wrapped up (the current scheduled release date is in the fall) but there is so much more to do, and time has a funny way of disappearing when you aren’t paying attention. My goal is to get it all done by the end of the week and move on to my next big task.

There are plenty of little tasks that have to get done, but none of them are all on my shoulders. The big one that’s my responsibility is the layout. (Some of the design too, but again, I’ll be working with others for that). The book, for now, will be printed in the same basic format as No Light Tomorrow, but I’m hesitant to use the same file. From the first version of that, to the Illustrated Edition, I found the template got a big messy. I think the best bet is to create a new template based on the things I learned last time, then start the project with that template completed. It means a little (or lot) more work, but I’m positive it will be better in the end. Besides, I should be able to do an identical template at a smaller size without too much more work, so I can have my novella layout done at the same time.

a10dfb705e1f41f5d74ddb27f3672f7fThe edits beat my novella sadly. I planned to use the down time to get the first and second draft done, but I totally failed. Again, the day job is partly to blame, but mostly it was me and video games. Or, realistically, 40% work, 20% games, and 40% total lack of momentum. The poor story had so many false starts, jarring halts, and long suspensions that it’s probably a total mess. My initial idea of a short, exciting summer read is long passed. Now, the best I can hope for is to get it done and out before the fall. I really have to get my head back in the game. After such a strong finish to last year and a huge start to this year, I expected much better of myself.

Another big distraction has been the podcast. I say distraction (and it really is) but I am glad I’m doing it. It’s not only a good way to keep in regular touch with a friend who is even more busy that I am, but it’s also creative, interesting, and cathartic. The old failures of Wii Like To Podcast haunt me (especially when I find myself struggling to get my work done) and Flags and High Fives has quelled the fire.  We’re half way done now, and the thought of starting episode five makes my overloaded back ache, but it’s been fun and I’ve learned a bunch. I’m getting a bit worried about what we’ll do when it’s over. We have some ideas, but that’s a whole other job later Ben will have to deal with. Now Ben just has episode five to think about.

IMG_20161127_150733235Before I end this week’s jarring and sporadic blog, I want to mention that Sunday is my next event. I’ll be at the Serbian Centre for the Summer Craft and Gift Show with Christian and Ed. I was at the Christmas one last year and while there were issues, the folks in the main room did gangbusters. I believe they are only using the main room this time, but either way, that’s where I’ll be. We had to get more books for it too. Surprisingly, we’ve been selling No Light pretty well this year. It’s getting saturated and the new books will be welcome, but if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, Sunday will be a good time to do it. See you there!

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