The Rejected Hug and Other Awkward Greetings (A Holliday Blog)

I hate wearing pants; this morning I forgot to put them on.  I know it sounds like I am setting up a bad joke, but I forget all the time.  I put on a shirt, make my hair look somewhat respectable and try to put my wallet into my nonexistent pocket.  As I write this I am in my underwear and a t-shirt.  I’m just not a fan of pants.

I’m also not a big fan of touching, (the segue will make sense, just keep reading); I like my space.  The odd hug is nice, but for the most part I’m good with a high-five or at best a half hug.  (You know the one where you use one arm and pat the hug-ee on the back?)  I may give the best high-fives in the world, but even with the half hug I always find a way to make it awkward, just like trying to put a wallet into missing pants.  <=(There it is!)

The awkward only gets worse during Christmas time.  Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas.  There is something about having all your family in one place that leads to a good time.  But with family comes awkward.  The handshakes, hugs, kisses, I screw them all up.  It’s hard to look someone in the face after you stick your hand out when they are clearly coming in for a hug.  I imagine it is on par with showing up at work with no pants, though not having done that I really can’t say.  I can tell you how embarrassing it is to miss a handshake and end up squeezing someone’s arm as if we were medieval barbarians going off to war, (not so cool).

I may be overly sentimental having spent last Christmas so sick, but overall, I do enjoy the holidays, (even the terribly repetitious Christmas music), it’s a nice time to reflect on what is really important, and there’s always the presents too.  Now I just have to make the official greeting between family and friends, (and heck, even strangers), the high-five.  Did I mention I give the best high-fives?

2 thoughts on “The Rejected Hug and Other Awkward Greetings (A Holliday Blog)

  1. Jobo0410 (Joe Stephenson)

    Love the blog! It was really cool reading a little about what’s been going on. Hope your graphic novel comes together. Hope you stay well and all is good. And keep on blogging I’ll be checking in on the blog every now and again to see what’s going on.


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