Reading, Writing and Everything Else

Blog No. 6-2

My alarm went off this morning at twenty to eight.  I didn’t believe it.  (Snooze).  Nine minutes later my alarm went off.  (Snooze).  Nine minutes later my alarm went off.  (Snooze).  Nine minutes later my alarm went off.  It was eight thirty seven, I don’t know how.  The math didn’t work out, but I was going to be late.  That seems to be how the last couple weeks went by.  The math might not have worked out, but it’s the nineteenth and my year is almost over.

Between running errands and work I have been busy, but there is so much more I have yet to do, and my time is running out.  I don’t have some arbitrary deadline like, “By the new year I’ll have my shit together,” or anything.  I’ve given up on that years ago, but I am 100km late for an oil change and I forgot to take time off of work for anther doctor’s appointment.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For at least the past two weeks there have been several posts I’ve intended to write.  Most of then I even started, though I can’t seem to get my ideas out.  On top of that, I might have found an artist for the graphic novel I’ve been “writing” for the past couple years and I hardly have any material to give him.  I’m behind the bullet.  It’s not all my fault, I do have a disease that took a year to diagnose, but that is one of the few real excuses I have.  It comes down to being lazy and, in the case of the blogs, not finding the words.

My stopgap solution is this.  This blog.  I decided to just start writing, get the juices flowing and see what happens.  And this happened.  You are a part of it, experiencing it as it happens.  (How do you like being a part of my experiment?  Is it nice?  I hope it is.)  I don’t know how this is going to work long term, but I have burned through three hundred and fifty-six words now, (and counting, that’s got to be worth something).

So you get all that nonsense and I am going to talk about the next book.  That’s like reading a blog and getting one free!  That makes us all winners.

The Age of Persuasion

I like to listen to CBC radio.  For the American’s it’s kind of like NPR, but less academic.  One of the shows I’ve come to enjoy is called The Age of Persuasion.  It is by advertising executives about advertising.  I know, (really I do), but it’s really neat.  It is rather anecdotal and makes you think about some things that go on in our lives that are easy to mistake for authenticity, (but are really a manufactured impositions).  It is fun and intellectual.  Funtellectual.

Either way the people who make the show wrote a book and I bought it and read it.  It is just like the show, but concentrated.  The anecdotes are longer, and more in depth, and it serves as a sort of history of advertising in our lives.  It is a neat sort of evolution of advertisement.  Part of the show that the book mimics well is the stories that delineate good and bad advertising from the perspective of the industry and the audience.  It is a joy to hear seasoned advertisers making fun of the bad commercials we all suffer through.

Sadly the book doesn’t deliver on one of the best aspects of the radio show, examples.  On the show you get to hear the advertisements, both good and bad.  In a written form as descriptions, something is missing.  What might be missed in the examples however is replaced with both volume and content.  There is a lot more in the one book than what a radio show can fit, and the depth of field is far more vast.

As a book in itself The Age of Persuasion is entertaining and thought provoking.  I think if it almost as a handbook for the public on advertising, with a hefty dose of entertainment tossed in.  It might not be as relaxing as some fiction, but it defiantly delivers a great read, plus you can feel good about reading something quasi intellectual.

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