Toes in the Water

Blog Post No. 544

giphy-2I’m now a couple of weeks into the new position at the Day Job and while I still feel like my hair is about to fall out (due to stress) I am starting to settle into a more consistent routine with my days off. One of the benefits of the new job was supposed to be the consistent schedule, though for the first two weeks, I had made some concessions in consideration of the new employees who had a rushed training. Now, ideally, I’ll get back to some consistency (my precious routine) and with any luck, that means getting back to at least a little bit of writing.

The big Catch 22 is that I know if I get some writing or editing done I’ll feel at least a little better, but I’m so tired and stressed that I feel like sitting down to do any writing or editing is a huge hurdle. But, if I managed to get some done, it would make it easier to get some done. You know where I’m going with that.walking

One thing I can definitely rely on is the Writing Wrecking Crew. If I can manage to meet up with one or more of the crew for a writing session at the library or elsewhere, I, hopefully, will get the push I need to start that boulder rolling. If all goes well, I’ll start making progress. Even a slow start back into a new routine can be helpful. It sucks to start small after making big progress in the past (as anyone who’s struggled with a workout routine can tell you) but I have to start somewhere.

At the moment by big projects that I left drying on the line are the edits of the Invasion Novel (didn’t think I’d be finished with that one did you?) and the last bit of the first draft of the novella for the new anthology. I also have to read over the novellas submitted by the other authors in the collection. I had hoped to get more short stories written and maybe even be into the Salvage Novel by now, but those are currently on the distant horizon.esodoy-xsaitmgd

Priority one is getting that novella done so I can start on the second draft of it (after having read the other stories for context). Then, I hope I won’t be able to come up with any more excuses to put off the Invasion Novel. It’s too close to being done to leave it hanging around indefinitely.

My current goal (and hope) is that I can meet with the crew some time this week (maybe even the day you’re reading this) and kick off the new writing beginning. With small consistent steps, maybe in a few months, I’ll be back on track with a new job to boot. There are still lots of work related things that will have to be sorted out in time, but for now, if I can get some catharsis from any kind of writing progress, I’ll be able to weather what may come. Then, eventually I’ll have something to show for all this current (though limited) strife!


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