Empty Streets

Blog Post No. 511

giphyI work a lot of early mornings, a few later evenings, and not a lot in-between. It means having to get up extra early (mostly to avoid rushing) and dealing with the dreaded cl-open (closing one night an opening the next morning). Working any shift comes with positives and negatives (though nothing is as bad as a mid-day shift). I tend to like to get my work over as early as I can so I can have as much day as possible before bed, but evenings have a special quality of quietness (even with a building full of people dancing to loud music or sitting through a class).

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that with the shifts I tend to work, I get at least one drive that avoids the worst of the city’s traffic (the other drive is usually stuck in the middle of it). Weekday mornings aren’t all that empty, but the few late evening drives home and weekend mornings are kind of magical. Of course it’s better when I’m heading home rather than to the day job, but even when I know I have a rough day ahead of me, I try to enjoy the drive.

399842e1-7d82-4495-b929-b4d00f713cc8_textI think not rushing is the key to keeping calm. That, and it’s always better when there’s good (or at least interesting) music on the radio. I tend to enjoy driving. It may have something to do with feeling of control (since some of the worst nightmares I’ve had since childhood have involved losing control of a car). It could be that when I drive, I can’t do much except to pay attention to my immediate surroundings and listen to music. Since I’m not driving much outside of work, and I’m certainly not going on any road trips, I think I’ve glommed on to the bit of driving that I still do.

The strangeness of an empty street is something I’ve always enjoyed, too. I like driving or walking alone. Often, the morning or evening will be cool, most shops won’t be open, and it’s easier to appreciate the little details of the city or park or whatever. Plus, I can imagine that I’m alone in the world and for brief moment, that gives me a little thrill.

business-historic-shi-tpa-townI’m not sure what the point of this post was, but I felt like writing it, so I did. I’m still dragging my feet on the Invasion Novel and as of writing this, the day job is still walloping me. I’ve done a little editing for others, though. That’s always a good way to feel productive and get a renewed perspective on your own writing. It’s amazing how much you can miss on editing your own writing and how much editing someone else’s can bring that to light. Hopefully it’s the kick I need to get back into gear.

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