On Schedule – Break/Interrupt

Blog Post No. 434

20200421_125458I think it would be fair to call this an update, but the title came before content so I’m leaving it. As I write this, there are 14 days left in the month and left to get the coveted discount on the sett-up fee at the printer. I just finished the last review/edit of Break/Interrupt and there is one step left before I do the layout and put the cover together. I’m, as always, thankful for all the people who took the time to read the book over for me, look for mistakes, and give their opinions. It’s one thing to read the book, it’s another to do it in the middle of edits while it’s being iteratively improved. I hope the story was good enough to make up for any shortcomings in those early drafts. I really don’t know how I could put out a book without all that help.

The last thing left to polish off the story is to read it out loud to myself. It’s the least pleasant part of the process. By now I’ve read the book so many times and have been fixing so many mistakes, that I struggle to see the value in it. I really have to force myself to sit down and read it again. I have to make sure that I don’t rush through it either. There are few things worse than doing an unpleasant task then having it be pointless (in this case, read too quickly and miss the mistakes that can be caught by an out-loud reading). I do it because it’s the right amount of effort that lets me sleep at night. I had nine people read the book over for me, so any mistakes that get though all of that and me reading it out loud I can live with. I won’t be happy about it, but at least I’ll be able to say I put the work in to make the book as error free as possible.

cropped-20190410_231833.jpgI’ll never not be amazed that after so many edits, there are always more mistakes to find. Anyway, as soon as the last read is done, I’m going to knock out the layout. Based on experience, I should be able to get it done in a couple of days. Most of the time is needed to save the individual chapters as documents for importing into the layout program. Thankfully, the template I’ve made for the novellas has cut down on the time for the rest of it. I still have the acknowledgements page to write, but the back cover copy is written (though there is a chance I could make changes to that, still.

The cover has to wait until the interior is finished. The printer provides a template for the cover, and it’s constructed based on the page count. The actually images are done, thanks to Glen Hawkes who did Broadcast Wasteland for me, too. I even got the quote for the back cover ready to go. My biography doesn’t really change and the list of other books that I put at the end is essentially the same, so other than making material for the website and banners for social media, the the book is nearly ready to go. Which is good seeing as there are two weeks for me to get it all done.

cropped-20200417_162334.jpgI’m really excited to show off the cover, but I’m going to wait until the books are on order. There are enough things that can go wrong even at that point, so I try to not rush things. The release is going to be about as understated as you can imagine. I’m going to get the book to a store or two locally for people to go pick it up. I don’t think I’m going to distribute it like I did with Broadcast Wasteland, unless I can make sure that the people I bring it to know that I can’t interact with them. I appreciated that some folks wanted to chat when I dropped off Broadcast Wasteland, but until everyone is vaccinated, I really have to avoid interactions as much as I can.

I made a list of people who wanted me to ship them copies of Broadcast, but I haven’t felt comfortable going to the post office. I may see if there is another shipping option that has as little contact with people as possible. I may just wait until I’m vaccinated since, hopefully, it will be a matter of months. Then I can ship out both books for people. I wish I could just send them to order them online, but the prices fluctuate so much that I feel like it’s a ripoff. It’s often more expensive to order the book online than the cost of the book and shipping combined. At least in Canada.

20210110_125805I’m rambling now, though. I should be working on the last reading. (I may be avoiding it). I’m excited to get this one out to people. It’s been weird not writing out in the wild. I usually tell people more about the books while I write them. This one feels more like a secret. It’s always nice to get to the end of a project, too. I have a lot of work waiting for me on the other side of this book and I’m eager to get to most of it. There is a lot of editing to do on the Invasion Novel, so I’m kind of torn on that one. I’ll make another post when the book is officially out. Keep an eye out for it!

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