Battle Scars, Race Cars and Late Night Headlights

Blog No. 23

So this blog is a little late.  It’s a bad thing, but it is for a good reason.  Bad because I am late and that’s bad (obviously) and for a good reason because I was busy with serous career related stuff.  I’m not going to dwell on it though because that’s not what this blog is about.  This blog is about music and going out and losing things and having fun despite it all.

I went to a concert last Thursday.  That may not seem very exciting to some of you, but I don’t go out enough, let alone last minute to see three bands I had never heard of.  It was fun, mostly.  That might not be fair.  I had a good night hanging out with friends and hearing new music, but (and there is always a but) I couldn’t help but feel a bit old.  Honestly I usually don’t think of myself as old.  I don’t think about age much at all.  I suppose it was more a feeling of being out of touch (and out of time?).  There were hundreds of screaming kids jumping around and knocking into each other and somewhere in the middle was me, trying to keep the really sweaty ones from bumping into me too much.

I have always prided myself with having an awareness of good music, both new and old.  It was odd to see bands I had never heard of having such a huge fan base.  I’m not surprised, they were really good, but I am more used to following amazing bands that can’t seem to catch a break.  I bought an album (Cheetahs) and so far I am really digging it.  (I am listening to it right now).  As for concerts, I have been to some amazing ones, but not nearly enough for someone who claims to be into music as much as I am.

On top of everything I managed to put a hole in one of my favorite shirts.  It’s a small price to pay for a good night, but I doubt I will be able to replace it any time soon.  (It’s a Mystery Machine shirt I picked up last year when they played at FM lounge).  I think it can be fixed, but it will never be the same again.  But it is all part of the adventure and like I said in my last blog, spring is a time where I start to feel that need to go do things, I guess I’m off to a good start.

More rambles!  I have a few things on my mind this week, so why not go for more!  Adventure!

I love to drive.  I have some very fond memories of being 17 with nothing better to do than fill up the tank on my Escort and cruse around with my friends, music blaring from the underpowered stereo (but at least it played cd’s).  I have been having a craving for those nights again (maybe due partly to feeling so out of touch (out of time) at the concert last week).  Those nights were all about us being young and knowing everything.  We were the kings and queens of suburbia and with our 95-horse chariot we could go anywhere and do anything, but we didn’t.

We spent hours driving the same stretches of road, sometimes stopping for ice cream or for a round of mini golf.  If we were lucky (and brave enough) we would have enough time off from our part time jobs to head out into the county and try to get lost.

I have a convertible now, but not as much time (or extra money for gas).  I don’t get to cruse much anymore and even less with my friends.  But it is getting to be that time of year again and I am thinking more about making time for it.  Maybe I can even listen to the new music I discovered at that concert I went to last week.  I’ll have to see if my friends are free.

8 thoughts on “Battle Scars, Race Cars and Late Night Headlights

  1. Christian Laforet

    I hear you Ben. Sometimes I feel much older then I am 😦
    At least you had a good time though and as for your shirt, now it has some added character and probably an interesting story to boot.

  2. Thanks Christian. I really don’t normally feel that way, but every once in a while it hits me. I’ll make an update one day if I ever get the shirt mended.

  3. I say, bring on the convertible and tunes. I’ll put my hair in a ponytail so it doesn’t smack us in the face while you’re driving, hah.

    And honestly, you are one of the few people I know with excellent taste in music.

    I’ve missed the old Escort days with the tunes and driving really fast with the windows down and us singing along. I think it can be that much better with a convertible. Just saying.

  4. Hey, that’s a great question. I had to look it up and everything.

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    I’m going to assume you want to sign up because you like my stuff. Thanks! If not, I’ll still take it.
    I post every Thursday, usually in the mornings.

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