The World will still be Here

Blog Post No. 513

tenor2I might be off work again soon and I don’t know for how long it will be. Hopefully the time off will help kick start me back on the Invasion Novel edits. I really need to get over the hump on that one. I’m so tired all the time from the state of things at work. And from being an adult in a world seemingly crumbling. That’s the thing about the world, though. If you get out of your own narrow perspective, you’ll see a lot of similar events have happened many times over. We’re not that special.

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No, Science Fiction

Blog No. 139

Out in the world (during my brief forays away from my blissful seclusion) when I talk to people about my writing, I always get the same questions. I legitimately love being asked what I’ve written. Sometimes it’s asked with genuine interest and I launch into the list of things I’ve done, Adventure Worlds, This Blog, Working on the novel, the collection, Finder, The Zine, and anything else I think of at the time. The conversation then moves into details of those things and moments where I realize I’m selfishly prattling on and manage to ask a few questions of my own. It’s a great feeling to share what I do with interested parties. Sometimes the question is asked with malice (or incredulity if malice is too harsh). I relish the chance to show those people what I’ve done and what I’m doing. Even if their question was meant to belittle or call me out, I like being able to prove to them (and myself) that I have and am actually writing things, plus the question holds big talkers to their words. Continue reading “No, Science Fiction”