Working in Coffee Shops

Blog No. 182

13882276_10153816945555983_2834781745208019332_nThere is a running gag on the internet and television about people with MacBooks in coffee shops. It’s funny. The idea is that people are more interested in being seen than in actually doing work. Which is sometimes the case. Coffee shops and cafes are often filled with people either getting a quick lunch, enjoying a slow coffee, or the other thing. I’ve been in many places where nearly every table is beset by a laptop wielding individual (one per table). It doesn’t matter if it’s a Starbucks or local establishment. The coffee shop is a place to be. Continue reading “Working in Coffee Shops”

Crazy Christmas Capers

Blog No. 110

I’m writing this one on Christmas Eve. I am one of those people who celebrate the day, so things have been very busy. Even in a regular holiday season, time and money gets tight. This year, Christmas is followed by my friend’s wedding. I’m the best man, so my duties are piling up a bit. I’m happy to do it, but I would recommend that anyone looking to get married in the latter half of December take that into account. I have to travel, write a speech, get my suit and shoes, make a playlist for the after party, pack, and something else I am going to forget until the last minute. Right now I’m putting off wrapping presents (because it’s not fun). It’s busy.

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Blog No. 75

Hooray, 75! Here’s that milestone I mentioned a few weeks back. Somehow it’s not as exciting as 71, but that could be just because I like to be different. Either way, every week I manage to get a blog post finished is an accomplishment. Christian ( just finished another of his posts on Tuesday and he sent out a nice link to me, so I thought I’d return the favor. He has a pretty intimate approach to his blog. It has a nice personal quality I don’t tend to display on this blog. I suggest you check it out. Continue reading “Novel”