Horse Mask Party

Blog No. 205

14725488_10154016976890983_541394140274254824_nLast week, I was on a bit of a tear with my novel. I was catching up after a couple of less than stellar months. It was a good feeling. I was getting things together for the long haul. Now, after a busy week of work (and really busy weekend) and too many tasks left for too long. To top it all off, I have the dreaded layout to finish. A huge jumble of micro tasks assembled into one element that, when one task is finished, it screws up something else, leading to a never ending stream of necessary fixes and adjustments. Like I said last week, it’s a doozy. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let it interfere with my writing, and I was partially successful. The writing related tasks didn’t disrupt my flow, but work, more basement construction, and a last minute invite to help out in a music video did. Continue reading “Horse Mask Party”

Overly Critical

Blog No. 140

Some time ago I was on a website (either Reddit or Imger, I can’t remember) and I saw a post about someone giving away digital copies of his book. At the time, I couldn’t decide if it was a good idea or not. There was something about it that didn’t feel right (and I don’t mean the three different fonts on the cover). I’m starting to think, now, that the idea was good (why not give away some digital books for free advertising) but I there was something off-putting about the execution. The post was self deprecating, disparaging, and melancholy. It was a woe-is-me, nobody loves me, cry for attention that left a sour taste in my mouth. I can understand being discouraged. Writing is hard, selling what you’ve written is harder, but trying to guilt me into reading your book (or maybe just spilling your sad sack guts on the internet) is a turn off. But hey, a free book is a free book. Continue reading “Overly Critical”

Behind the Writing: The Fifth Monday – Part Three

Blog No. 98

Sometime, in the early part of the year, Christian had an interesting idea. It’s not strange for that to happen, most writers are writers because of interesting ideas, but this one wasn’t a story. It was technically a story, but it was also more. Since we, at Adventure Worlds, post our stories on Mondays, and some months end up with five Mondays, Christian thought that we should do something special on those odd months. He decided to start a story, but leave it for another one of us to continue, and so on. He even started the thing off with the event happening on a fifth Monday (which is what I call dedication). The reigns were handed over to Alanna, who took it in a totally different direction, then passed it on to me. Continue reading “Behind the Writing: The Fifth Monday – Part Three”