Tri-City Super Con

Blog No. 307

img_20181006_110023119I can’t remember if I’ve been to Kitchener before. I know I’ve driven past it on the 401, I think I’ve driven through it before, and I know I have definitely been to Guelph. Last weekend was my first time spending any time in Kitchener. Usually, when I’m in another city for an event, there isn’t much time to do anything other than sit at the table (and occasionally check out other vendors) and grab a bite to eat before crashing at the hotel. Getting to do other things in the city is almost always a no go. There just isn’t enough time and often not enough money after paying for the table cost, hotel, gas, and food. There were a bunch of things happening in Kitchener, like the famous Oktoberfest, and while I didn’t get a chance to attend those festivities, I certainly felt the impact. Sadly, it was negative in nature.

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Blog No 159

With the release of No Light Tomorrow imminent, Christian and I are in publicity mode. We are working on the best ways to advertise the launch event and the book as a whole. From there we will need to spread the word even further and gain as much attention as possible. It’s the same story with any new author, but being self published means you are doing it all on your own. There is a lot of work involved after the book is written. Then there is a lot of work to do then the book is printed. After all that work you need to make sales and short of standing on the street begging people to buy your book, some authors have found success in gimmicks (or at least novel ways to get the reading public’s attention). Continue reading “Gimmick”