Virtual Writing Retreat

Blog Post No. 430

2017 AWP Retreat

If you missed last week’s post, I wouldn’t be surprised because it wasn’t terribly popular. They can’t all be winners. Either way, in that post I mentioned that over the weekend I would be attempting a Virtual Writing Retreat with the Wrecking Writing crew. Starting on the Friday, we had a group chat for about an hour before logging off and getting to work on whatever projects we each had planned for the weekend. We had set a rough goal for 10am to 2pm in the day and 7 to 10pm at night. The general idea was to keep in touch over messenger and be free to take breaks or call the sessions for ourselves when we saw fit. It was as close to a real writers retreat as we could get without being together at a cottage over a weekend. Continue reading “Virtual Writing Retreat”

Zines and Other Things

Blog No. 136

IMG_20150624_133529Zine number four is officially out in the wild. It, like the others before it, took longer than expected. Part of that is on my shoulders (as the guy who puts the layout together) but the major reason is that this time around we have ads. Anchor Coffee House, a favorite café of mine, and Paper Heroes, one of Christian’s regular haunts, graciously agreed to throw us a little cash to help fund the printing of the Zine. We still had to pay some out of pocket, but their contributions helped us find a local printer and spread the latest issue. The snag came with creating the ads and getting their approval. Both locations were easy to work with and very amicable, but I don’t have much experience making ads and finding the extra time to jet over to those stores and bother the owners to get their OK took time.   Continue reading “Zines and Other Things”

Race for the Cup

Blog No. 127

I am a lazy man. People who know me, know that fact. I’ve never tried to hide it, and while I’ve made an effort to change it, I am still firmly on the lazy side of the coin. I have lots of work, writing, and general life tasks ongoing at all times. I sometimes get into a good place and make headway through the stream of obligations, but more often than not, I am swayed by the distractions set along the riverbank. TV and Movies are big ones, but over the years, video games has joined the list. At the drop of a hat I’ll shirk my duties and watch a show I’ve seen a hundred times, or play a game (that I will inevitably quit in minutes and spend time looking for another game to play instead). I’m not alone in my procrastination, a whole culture as risen up around the concept (tying into hating Mondays and quoting TV for laughs). I am but one of the many disciples of sloth. I’m trying though. This blog is an example. I may be forever behind on my writing, but I’m doing it. The list of things to get done (populated by laundry, finish the basement, wash the car, and mow the lawn, is at a low I haven’t seen since I was in high school (and didn’t even write a list). Something is getting in my way though. It’s sinister and keeps me up late at night. It’s the NHL playoffs. Continue reading “Race for the Cup”