Lost Lessons from the 90s

Blog Post No. 522

piercingsnarlingarabianhorse-size_restrictedIt’s no secret that people are angry and have been for years. The culture in North America (and seemingly in other places as well) has been leaning towards an atmosphere of meanness, selfishness, pettiness, greed, and spite. This current decade has no monopoly on those feelings, but in the last few weeks I’ve been watching some television shows from my youth and I’ve noticed that, while television now is generally great, there isn’t the same emphasis on the moral message as there used to be. Plus, with so many ways to watch shows from so many services, there’s no general audience like there was in the days of network dominance.

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Money, Money, Money

Blog Post No. 515

giphyMy first story submission to an open call was rejected. I’m not surprised. I wrote it last minute, it was for a horror collection, and I struggled to make the story any scarier than intense. It would have been nice if it had made the cut, though. I was happy with the idea, if the execution was a bit lacking. Plus, even though it wasn’t a big payday or anything, the little bit of extra cash would have been a tiny boon to my current focus on financial goals.

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A Short Little Post for my Birthday (2021)

Blog Post No. 446

20210608_103402It’s my birthday tomorrow and it’s one of the big milestone years. I haven’t really felt the same kind of excitement for birthdays since high school. Not to say that birthdays make me sad. I just see them as a marker of the years and my years are starting to add up. It’s all relative and as much as age is just a number, there are more battle scars each time the date rolls around. In my mind, I’m the same kid excited to get out of high school, sure that he’ll blossom in university, and bummed out that exams start on his birthday. That’s real, by the way. For all four years of high school, my first exam was on my birthday. Continue reading “A Short Little Post for my Birthday (2021)”

A Nice Little Post On My Birthday

Blog No. 134

Like today. As you are reading this, I’m at work, but it’s my birthday. I’m not upset about being stuck at work. I don’t think it’s an adult thing either, where fun and celebration are less important that work and obligation. I just don’t care. While growing up, birthdays were a really big deal. We were very close to our grandparents, so not only did we have a big celebration at home, with dinner, cake, presents, and fun, but we would get to do it all over again a couple days later at my grandparents house. Continue reading “A Nice Little Post On My Birthday”

Dinner in another Country

Blog No. 94

A couple days ago I was driving to work after a long hiatus. I had some time off to finish the basement (as in put up drywall in one room at one end of the still unfinished basement) and go to Toronto for a wedding with my brother. The work was difficult and the wedding was fun (but tiring) and it felt like I had hardly been away from my job at all. As it were, something peculiar was happening on my drive to work. The normally fast moving thoroughfare I take was backed up, moving slowly, and plagued with dead stops. I knew there was a lot of construction and power line maintenance over the summer, but nothing like what I was suffering though. Continue reading “Dinner in another Country”