Sort of Limbo

Blog no. 377

c7e17c8992980dd425d5ade659cb25b6Broadcast Wasteland is in the hands of the first group of beta readers and there isn’t much I can do for the book now other than wait for them to finish and try to rope some other poor saps into joining the next round. The layout (being practically identical to Neon Heart) is all but done. The cover image is waiting for the layout to be finished so that I can get the cover template from the printer. The book has to be at least at the printers before I do any sort of social media push (and/or getting the book and info to the usual places), but the content for that is mostly ready. I know I have potentially hundreds of other things I could should be doing both with writing and outside of it, but picking up that torch when I am waiting to be handed several back at any time is worrisome. Continue reading “Sort of Limbo”

Computer-less or Tools of the Trade

Blog No. 176

Once upon a time, many years ago, I was a high school student who wanted to write stories. I would tell people that I have stories, boring them with ideas, characters, and convoluted plots. Many times I decided to start writing a story, but never managed to do get very far. My first attempts were hand written (scribbled) on loose sheets of lined paper jammed into old, beat up, binders. I would come up with the title, write a few lines, and tell myself I’d get back to it later. The first story I can remember finishing was written for English class. I was ahead on our Shakespeare assignments (not sure how it worked out but I ended up being nearly a month ahead) so my teacher told me the next assignment was going to be writing short stories. He suggested that I get started (since I was likely being a nuisance in class otherwise). Continue reading “Computer-less or Tools of the Trade”

Behind the Writing: Dime Store Detective

Blog No. 144

It’s been quite a while since I wrote one of these behind the writing things, but I do remember that I should warn you that there will be spoilers, and recommend that you go read the story for yourself. I’m quite happy with this one, so really, go read it.


Where do I start? The story is quite a meandering thing. Written long ago, edited over a long time, smattered with old Ben and new Ben. One of the major life events was, consequently at the same time as the beginning of Adventure Worlds, my writing For Them and Not. The story isn’t anything special, but being my first story written under the banner of Adventure Worlds, and being the longest thing I had written at the time, it stands out. Writing it took a long time, lots of energy, and it helped, from my perspective, cement the early group. I was going through a lot of new experiences that seem quaint now, but were ground shattering back then. From there I went to the better (in my mind) The Star that was the Sun. Not only do I like that title better, but it was my best story when we started the Zine, and has tagged along all the way to the last issue. Continue reading “Behind the Writing: Dime Store Detective”