Fast Food

Blog Post No. 533

z0v4bt2e64x31In the coming weeks, I’ll hit a really weird milestone. I don’t remember the exact day (because who would) but it will be three years since I’ve had fast food. Initially I stopped getting fast food because of the lock down and not necessarily for the obvious health benefits. Even without the extra fat and sodium, I can’t say I’m eating especially healthy at home. I actually can’t stand when people spout nonsense about fast food being toxic or not real food. At least in Canada, there are enough regulations to ensure that the burger and fries are meat and potato. They’re just full of fats, carbs, salt, and sugar which in excess are terrible for you. The biggest takeaway for me has been how much money I’ve saved.

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A New Normal

Blog Post No. 527

6b93386e-73d6-4743-aa49-afdc9f5fcefb_textI’m sure everyone has heard or read about how extensively people can acclimate to just about anything. There are people out there living with pain, stress, or other burdens that (while I’m sure it beats them down) they have just gotten used to all the things they do to mitigate their situation and move forward. Sometimes there’s no other choice and sometimes it seems easier to just put up with things the way they are than go through whatever it may take to change them. That’s an extreme example, but I’m sure we’ve all had a temporary burden hardship like a broken down car or uninvited guest and we’ve just learned to live with the new normal.

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Revenge of the Day Job

Blog Post No. 484

jdwitk9The end is near for the fifth and final novella, Snow from a Distant Sky. As I mentioned last week, I’m waiting on a few edits to come in before getting started on the layout. The cover is currently being designed and drawn by the great Glen Hawkes, too. (I can’t wait to share it). As soon as I get those edits in, I have to go over them, do a final once over for myself, then the out-loud read before putting it all together and sending it off to the printers. The book may come out in the first or second week of April, depending on how the sample copies turn out. Continue reading “Revenge of the Day Job”