And I’m gone.

Blog No. 381

20200229_192654It’s been a two weeks since I was packing for the retreat. I haven’t gotten any more writing done on the novel, but I’ve finished another two beta reads for Broadcast and finished a short story (very short) that I had started some vague time ago, but was super excited about it at the time. I’ve since been to an amazing concert with my brother, worked the day job as normal, and I guess nothing else. But now, I’m packing again. This time for the far off land of Oshawa and it’s local Comic Convention.

Oh, I just remembered that I got a haircut. Does that count as something exciting? I suppose not since it was just my normal haircut. There will be some exciting news coming to Adventure Worlds soon, but I can’t talk about that, yet. So, never mind. I have noticed lately that some conventions have been going by Comicon and some do Comic Con. Not that it matters. I suppose I’m just stalling. Continue reading “And I’m gone.”

Manly or Progress

Blog No. 190

13620959_10153952836757293_5930181575599118072_nFor the last few years I’ve been living at my brother’s house. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement (usually). He gets someone in the house who can keep an eye on things and help out a bit, and I get a cheap place to stay as I follow my financially ruining dream of becoming a writer. While we have been known to butt heads from time to time (a common thing for brothers). Luckily we happen to be good friends and most of the time we are able to talk out the majority of conflicts. Threats may fly, but blood is thicker than water (even though that saying means something different). Continue reading “Manly or Progress”