The Weight of Change

Blog Post No. 510

20ab8a20693d8a206c41da3465a0a6caThis is going to be another post about the day job. I know that I’ve talked a lot about it in the past year or so, but part of writing is all the stuff you do that allows/prevents you from writing. I have a day job to pay for general living expenses since I’m currently not making any money writing. Having expenses paid for by having a job that’s not nine-to-five allows me to write. On the other hand, the job is sometimes more than nine-to-five for weeks at a time and while I’m at work, it’s not always easy or advisable to not do work stuff, so it also prevents me from writing.

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Time for Tea

Blog No. 109

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to a tea tasting. I know that sounds really pretentious, but it was a very interesting and delicious Saturday evening. In the past several months (let’s say five) I have been going to a local coffee place called Anchor Coffee House. They opened in January and have been taking the local coffee scene by storm. The owners (Kyle and Rachel) are genuinely nice and their knowledge of coffee, along with their food offerings, is impeccable. I am a person who will gladly go out of my way for something good. A butcher can offer me a better cut of meat (and more of that knowledge) than a supermarket. Anchor offers me a better cup of coffee, and a better experience. I have gotten in the habit of going on my odd days off and writing (or editing) there. The atmosphere is great and they are happy to have me spend hours working off of one delicious cup. Continue reading “Time for Tea”