Time to make the Donuts

Blog No. 361

giphy-2I bought a game. I know I shouldn’t have, but I was out and about on Sunday and stopped at the store. It was a game I’d been wanting (the first on was quite good) and it was on sale. I spent several hours that night getting used to the new controls (why do game makers do that, anyway? The first game was just fine. Now I have to forget the way it was and learn something new). It was a fun evening of wasted time that capped off my week and a half (and a bit) of sloth after the writing sprint. I was going to finish a short story, but I only had one writing session for it. I’m probably half way there (or more) so I’ll keep picking away at it, but it’s time to face the dreaded edits. Continue reading “Time to make the Donuts”

Like a Circle

Blog No. 360

giphyBecause this is the 360th post. Like a circle. Get it? (I know you probably do. Ignore me. I think I’m funny). Now that Broadcast Wasteland is written (and all the editing and other work is ahead of me) I’m really not sure what this post is going to be about. We’re going on another journey together! Last weekend was Advanced Polls in Canada and my Day Job was a polling location. I usually dread it because the poll clerks aren’t always with it, the people who come in are often angry, and I get caught in circular arguments where voters scream political opinions and racist comments at me (all the while I do my best to keep my cool and remind them that you aren’t really allowed to talk about politics at a polling site, also racism is bad). It was four days of early mornings and monotonous hours, but it turned out the clerks were good and I only had one racist comment throw in my direction. Either way, I hadn’t done anything productive since I finished the first draft last Wednesday. Continue reading “Like a Circle”

Elections should have Carols

Blog No. 152

Here I am on blog 152, most of the way through another year and still plugging away. There are many people who have far higher numbers, and my readership is rather lacking, but it’s still a pretty good feeling. This week’s elections was a pretty good feeling too (though it’s much more of a mixed bag). While elections, especially on the federal level, can be exciting, this one had so much pressure behind it that people couldn’t seem to help themselves and got rather riled up about the whole thing. My social media feeds were filled with comments, pictures, thumbnails, links, and general angst. While it’s great that people are excited (and the voter turnout jumped a bit) personally it started to leave a sour taste in my mouth. Continue reading “Elections should have Carols”

Things I’ve learned from a Municipal Election

Blog No. 102

This week is my municipality’s elections and it’s a big one. The mayor isn’t running again and neither is half of the council. It’s been a free-for-all with everyone and their brother running for office and opinions seem to be hotter than ever. I have the distinct joy of not only being a city employee, but also working at a facility where the local polling station is set up. I get to see democracy in all its stinky, rude, obnoxious, biased, loud, vicious glory, from a front row seat.

So this week is going to be a list post (something I don’t normally do, but Adventure Worlds writer Justin Cantelo has mastered). I’m going to give it a shot and hope it works out as well for me as it does for him. Continue reading “Things I’ve learned from a Municipal Election”