Off the Top Rope

Blog No. 331

20190323_213357_hdrYou know when you go to the doctor and they ask you about your drinking habits? How many drinks do you have in a week, sort of thing? (Once, my doctor told me that he was taught to triple whatever his patients tell him). I never know how to properly answer that one. It varies so wildly that I have to look at months in order to get an average. I can go for three months without having a drink, but if a friend is in town (maybe one from Owen Sound) that number could be six beers plus a-pitcher-and-a-half in two days. Add to those drinks, two late nights, and things get groggy. Don’t think that I was only out drinking, though. My good friend from my video store days had tickets to wresting and invited me along. It was a first for me, but it was a good time. Those wrestler folks do some crazy acrobatics. It’s certainly fun to watch. Continue reading “Off the Top Rope”


The Three Ways to Read

Blog No. 121

When I was a child, my parents read to me nightly. I was surrounded by books, got books as presents, and went to the library regularly. Despite their best efforts, I wasn’t much of a reader. I had to read a book in the summers and school usually had a book report or two that I would muddle through, but it wasn’t until high school that I started to read on my own. It was then that I found the type of books that resonated with me. Sci-Fi, mostly Philip K. Dick and his contemporaries, amazed me. I started devouring books at a speed that, while tame next to avid readers, felt lightning quick, jumping from one book to the next. I fell in love with short storied during that time. The ideas were forefront and I would get hit over the head with them rapidly, three to twenty pages at a time. I entered the first stage of reading and was transported. It was around that time that I started playing with writing my own stories too.  Continue reading “The Three Ways to Read”

The Amazements Surround

Blog No. 106

This last weekend I went on a short (but full) trip for my friend’s bachelor party. It was pretty important that I be there. Not only because he is such an amazing friend who I consider to be family, but also, I have the honour of being the best man. (The best man is pretty integral to the bachelor party). I had some ideas for the event and had discussed them with the groom to be, and luckily the group gentlemen going, was made up of good friends with good heads on their shoulders, so we opened the floor to them for planning. With much debate and decisions being made, the event was scheduled. We ended up having a busy and fun time that included many bars, plenty of friends, lots of drinking, the Toronto Raptors, Porter Airline, Montreal, and a Prius. The theme (not that we started with a theme in mind) was Adventure! Continue reading “The Amazements Surround”