And I’m gone.

Blog No. 381

20200229_192654It’s been a two weeks since I was packing for the retreat. I haven’t gotten any more writing done on the novel, but I’ve finished another two beta reads for Broadcast and finished a short story (very short) that I had started some vague time ago, but was super excited about it at the time. I’ve since been to an amazing concert with my brother, worked the day job as normal, and I guess nothing else. But now, I’m packing again. This time for the far off land of Oshawa and it’s local Comic Convention.

Oh, I just remembered that I got a haircut. Does that count as something exciting? I suppose not since it was just my normal haircut. There will be some exciting news coming to Adventure Worlds soon, but I can’t talk about that, yet. So, never mind. I have noticed lately that some conventions have been going by Comicon and some do Comic Con. Not that it matters. I suppose I’m just stalling. Continue reading “And I’m gone.”

BookFest (Part One, Maybe)

Blog No. 254

bookfest-logo-newEven though BookFest proper is happening at the end of the month, events started this week. Yesterday morning was the launch announcement event (which I had to miss due to the day job) and a reading/music/launch thing happened at Phog last night. It was a pretty familiar thing for me (having done the launch if No Light, several readings, and the ChiSeries Readings there). Kind of being a helper on the sidelines was new though, but in a good way. It was nice to be able to take part (in a small way) and then sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening. I say the rest, but I had to take off right near the end due to more day job stuff (that is in fact a night job sometimes too). All in all, it was a good kickoff to the month’s events. Continue reading “BookFest (Part One, Maybe)”

Book Signings and the Other Side of the Fillmore

12507456_10100559112920459_5901495416298332388_nBlog No. 167

January is over and I had my first book signing over the weekend. So far this year has been pretty special. I put out a book (with Christian), we had a fantastic launch event, I were invited for literacy day at a local school, and Biblioasis invited me to do my first signing. And that’s just January. Every month through May has its own share of events, and we are still making plans and receiving invitations. It’s been amazing. Continue reading “Book Signings and the Other Side of the Fillmore”

Time for Tea

Blog No. 109

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to a tea tasting. I know that sounds really pretentious, but it was a very interesting and delicious Saturday evening. In the past several months (let’s say five) I have been going to a local coffee place called Anchor Coffee House. They opened in January and have been taking the local coffee scene by storm. The owners (Kyle and Rachel) are genuinely nice and their knowledge of coffee, along with their food offerings, is impeccable. I am a person who will gladly go out of my way for something good. A butcher can offer me a better cut of meat (and more of that knowledge) than a supermarket. Anchor offers me a better cup of coffee, and a better experience. I have gotten in the habit of going on my odd days off and writing (or editing) there. The atmosphere is great and they are happy to have me spend hours working off of one delicious cup. Continue reading “Time for Tea”