Winter Evenings

Blog Post No. 479

giphy-2Here we are in the middle of winter (or technically the latter half, but it’ll be a while before spring gets here). The days may be getting longer, but it’s still gets dark really early. I’ve found myself commenting a few times that it feels way latter than it actually is. The lack of light is draining. In the winters, I often think about the years my dad spent working in a factory. He would leave for work in the dark, spend all day inside with few or no windows, and drive home in the dark. I don’t have that tough a situation, but the seemingly constant darkness gets to me. Continue reading “Winter Evenings”

Stories that Stay with Me – One

Blog No. 391

hqdefaultSince I don’t have much in the way of writing news and I doubt many people would be interested in a weekly word count update on the Invasion Novel (85 000 at the writing of this post) I’ve come up with something else to write about. Look up at the title (assuming you either ignored it or forgot what it sad like I always do). That’s right, I’m going to somehow (I haven’t worked out the details even thought I’m writing it right now) do posts about some of the stories that have stuck with me over the years. Some of them are from books, or television, or movies, and some may be from real life. That’s not to say they are all excellent, but there was something about them that took up residence in my subconscious and come back to me when something triggers the memory. I figured talking about how I first experienced those stories, guessing at what about them impacted me, and how the memories come back would be something interesting I could play around with while there isn’t much news to share. Continue reading “Stories that Stay with Me – One”

Transportation Transformation

Blog No. 138

If a writer is the product of his (I mean me) environment and his stories are the product of him (still me) then the things that happen in his life are important to his writing, no matter how small. I’m not saying I’m some important author who has to have his life analyzed so people can root out the smallest hidden messages in his works, but life happens and it all influences what I do. Also, I have yet to meet an author who doesn’t go to her own life for material. On top of that, what happens in our life affects how we write (or if we do at all). I’ve had one of those events that has altered the way I write (meaning stuff has happened and I haven’t gotten a lot of work done). I could have been more forward, but wasn’t that pseudo intellectual stuff fun? Continue reading “Transportation Transformation”