Lost Lessons from the 90s

Blog Post No. 522

piercingsnarlingarabianhorse-size_restrictedIt’s no secret that people are angry and have been for years. The culture in North America (and seemingly in other places as well) has been leaning towards an atmosphere of meanness, selfishness, pettiness, greed, and spite. This current decade has no monopoly on those feelings, but in the last few weeks I’ve been watching some television shows from my youth and I’ve noticed that, while television now is generally great, there isn’t the same emphasis on the moral message as there used to be. Plus, with so many ways to watch shows from so many services, there’s no general audience like there was in the days of network dominance.

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Christmas Eve

Blog Post No. 422

7899c6d913b9052627eed2ec2f2a91c4As a child, Christmas was a magical time. I distinctly remember staring at the clock, waiting for it to be early enough for me to get out of bed and go dig through my stocking while my parents somehow pulled themselves out of bed and got ready for the day. (I say somehow from the perspective as an adult now looking back). I always had trouble sleeping. Many nights little Ben would sit up in his bed quietly playing with stuffed animals or listening to tapes on his Realistic tape recorder. (I spent too much time looking for the exact model and I think it was this Radio Shack one). On Christmas nights, I don’t think I slept at all. Continue reading “Christmas Eve”

Dinosaurs and Pirates

Blog No. 186

IMG_20160614_120708Last weekend was my Birthday. Since I had the weekend off (it’s the slow time at work) I decided to see if my friend (whose birthday is a few days before mine, making him old) was free for me to go and visit. Many moons ago, when we were both in high school, we often had a double birthday bash. It was much easier back then because we lived in the same city, had the same group of friends, and both of us were childless and unmarried. It’s a bit challenging when he has moved to Toronto, has a wife, and is raising his six-month-old child. Challenging, but not impossible. Continue reading “Dinosaurs and Pirates”


Blog No. 105

I’ve been talking a lot about the book that Christian and I are writing. So far we have been calling it The Collection, but since the first draft is all done and we are in various stages of editing, I think it’s time to start thinking about a real name. I’m a little more eager than Christian is to get working on it. He has a good point in that we have a lot of work left to do before we need to worry about things like the title, layout, and cover. But I want to work on it now. Titles are usually the second thing I work on for a story (the first being the story idea). That way I can either have a great title to spur on my writing, or I have time to work on it while I write. Maybe it’s just part of the weird way that I work, but a good title makes me excited to get to the end. I want to make a brilliant story that matches the brilliant title. The story stays on my mind. I can also focus on that writing, because I’m not focusing on the stuff (that Christian rightly says) that has to be done at the end.  Continue reading “Titles”