Little Books

Blog No 156

Each week I sit down and write one of these blog posts. When I’m done (and it’s posted) I spend the time before the next one furiously brainstorming what to write about. Last week, due to the book I was given by my mother, I decided to write about book lengths. Instead I wrote about audio books, my mother, and a little about my brief time in another city. I don’t know how I got so far off track, but it happens, and I am happy with how that post turned out. Now I want to try again (this time more focused) and explore the topic of book lengths. I can only hope I manage to stay on track. You may need to check out the last post Thoughts about Books for this to make sense.

Currently I am working on the final layout issues of the short story collection that Christian and I are publishing. I’m also a third of the way through writing my first novel and picking away at a novella that I’m rewriting, hoping it will be the start of a series that has been on my mind for my years. They are all writing, but the lengths are very different and therefore they are written in different way. The story structure, the detail, and the plot vary greatly based on the length of each publication. Continue reading “Little Books”

The Value of Bad and Hard

Blog No. 149

When I was a young buck, I played a lot of hockey. Most of it was just Windsor Minor stuff, but I did spring leagues, pickup games, pond hockey and street hockey. It was my number one activity and form of exercise. I had done some other team sports, and a few solo ones, but hockey is the one that stuck and the one that I miss. While my fondness for the game (and my memories of it) are strong, I sadly was never very good at it. I worked hard and took pride in overcoming obstacles, but at my best, I was only good enough to not be the worst player in a beer league (and mostly because of the effort I give). Continue reading “The Value of Bad and Hard”

News, Contest, Companions

Blog No. 138

Hello regular readers (and to anyone just joining us). If you follow this blog, chances are you also follow Adventure Worlds. If you don’t, what the heck are you waiting for? Head over there and start reading all the stories we’ve posted there over the last three years ( For those who have spent time over there, you may have seen Monday’s news instead of the usual story. To repeat it here, due to the lack of regular submissions and most of the work falling to Christian and myself, we have officially gone to posting every other week. It’s a bit sad in that we were able to have a long run of weekly posts with very few gaps, but without content to post, we have to change the format. We could have probably kept the pace going, but the collection is nearing the final stages and we are both hard at work on our first novels. The collection is due out presently (think a month or two) and we still hope to have the novels out in the Holiday season (end of 2015, beginning of 2016). Continue reading “News, Contest, Companions”

How Much is too Much?

Blog No. 135

The other night, after a wedding rehearsal (not mine) and a lovely dinner with the family and friends from that event, I came home rather late and decided to catch up on a few shows. There was no reason for me to do it. It was already 10:30 (or nearly there) and I strive to get to bed before midnight. Besides, I am perpetually behind on my writing and spend far too much time watching TV shows. That evening though, I was tired and didn’t think I could muster the focus to get any work done. Along with being a lazy bum, I was down to the last one or two episodes of the shows I watch, so I was anxious, and I know other people in the house had seen them, so I wanted to avoid spoilers. One of the shows was Silicon Valley, a fun, tense show by Mike Judge, and the other was Game of Thrones, which is probably know and watched by everyone reading this blog. For the sake of those readers, I will do my best to avoid spoilers, but likely something is going to slip out, so brace yourself, or just skip this one for later. Continue reading “How Much is too Much?”

Behind the Writing: The Fifth Monday Two

Blog No 124

Before you read this post, you may want to check out the story it refers, especially since it came out only a few days before this write-up.

Another bit of info before the post proper, Zine 003 is out in the wild and up on Adventure Worlds. You can get a copy for yourself at such fine local establishments as:

The Squirrel Cage

Anchor Coffee House


Coffee Exchange


Dr. Disc


Walkerville Brewery


Paper Heroes

And more

If you’d like to see copies at a specific location, let us know.

Continue reading “Behind the Writing: The Fifth Monday Two”

Save it for Later

Blog No. 95

Obligatory comment on 95. If my blog were a person we’d go celebrate with the few blog friends it has left, and probably a bit too much champagne. But it’s a blog, so I keep trucking along. Much like TV shows. (Transition!) I am a re-watcher. If there is a show, movie, book, etc, that I like, I enjoy revisiting it every so often. One of the things I notice that things happen was sooner than I expect them to. That may be confusing, so I’ll try to be clear in my explanation. I remember events happening on the show (like a character leaving, or joining, or relationships and junk) but I think that they happen a few seasons after they actually happen. I underestimate the amount of time the writers took before they had a major event happen to the characters. Continue reading “Save it for Later”