Artificial Intelligence

Blog Post No. 535

26tn8z559z9b9ssjoEvery artist is being told to fear the coming onslaught of artificial intelligence. It’s already an issue with visual artists, especially digital artists. Even with the looming threat, the biggest issue I have is that people are calling these amazing programs artificial intelligence when they are more like really sophisticated machine learning. (The difference being an artificial intelligence can make their own decisions and machine learning just follows complicated if, than instructions). What these programs can do seems like magic and it’s really scary as a person who’s dedicated a lot of his adult life to a creative, artistic endeavor like writing, but thankfully, for now, these AI are more of a nuisance for writers than doom and gloom.

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New Working Project: The Fourth Novella

Blog Post No. 401

20200419_115528It’s a new month and more than halfway through this very strange year. The first draft of the Invasion Novel is done. It has been my working project off and on since the end of 2018 (before The Neon Heart was released). That’s not so good. If my memory serves me, though, it was written mostly in two big chunks. The first half (though closer to a third than a half) was written primarily over the summer of 2019. I had started before Neon came out in April of that year, but the bulk of the writing was done between the release and September when I put it on hold to write Broadcast Wasteland. The rest of the book was written during this pandemic from April (the release of Broadcast) and now. (Though to be honest I’m still working on it for the rest of the month including tomorrow). Continue reading “New Working Project: The Fourth Novella”