Something, Something, Events and Guest.

Blog No. 228

17504569_660922980761336_8939024063343116940_oSyndicon is over (for another year) and man, did I have a good time. There’s something about having that lanyard around your neck that says guest on it to make you feel warm inside. I’m convinced that being a guest made the day go by more quickly. That, or watching all the cos-players taking goofy pictures across the aisle from my table. As for sales, the rising tide of comicons in Windsor, tied to the fact that No Light Tomorrow is starting to get saturated in this market made things a little tough. It’s no fun seeing that hard work and proactive thinking of the folks running Syndicon fall to a crowd that is getting overwhelmed by options. I think they have a few tricks up their sleeve for next year though, so I’ll continue to wait with bated breath. Continue reading “Something, Something, Events and Guest.”


Blog No 227

17457736_425786897758452_1462078290356702996_nWho’s excited for some updates? I know I am! Up first I want to talk about an event that I have nothing to do with. I know—why would anyone (including me) care? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s going to be awesome. Salesman of the Year, a Windsor band made up of some friends of mine, is playing their first show tomorrow! It’ll be at Phog (the place where I had my first book launch and the venue for the upcoming Windsor Chiaroscuro Reading Series). They play a sort of Bluegrass, Jazz, Folk sound that’s often upbeat and a heck of a lot of fun. The event starts at 8pm and it will likely be packed, so go early. They’ll be playing with Brendan Scot Friel and Rob Moir too. You’re in for a treat that night. Continue reading “Updates!”

Be A Guest

Blog No. 226

futurama_2_4_12April is almost here, and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve got a couple events lined up. My poor list of upcoming events (link at the top of the page) keeps shrinking. At the beginning of the year it was impressive, then (as it happens) I did a number of those events, and now the last date in June is around the corner (not somewhere in the vague, unreal future). The upcoming events happen to be exciting ones though (and not just because I get so sell some books and earn some much needed money). They are the first events where I am officially a guest. Continue reading “Be A Guest”

Words of Curse

Blog No. 225

13226-south-park-it-hits-the-fan-episode-screencap-5x1For the last few months I’ve been working primarily on the crime anthology (when I’m not working on Flags and High Fives). It’s been an interesting process, breaking out of my comfort zone. Crime is not something I tend to seek out when I’m looking for a book to read and most crime movies give me the creeps as much as any horror would, but I felt the need to give Science Fiction some space and push myself a little. It’s been an interesting experience and I’m grateful that I can rely Ed Gagnon’s crime expertise if my story strayed too far from the mold. Right now I’m on the third draft and I’m just about to send out the story to some beta readers. Before I do, I have an issue to address. Continue reading “Words of Curse”

Flags And High Fives

Blog No. 224

calvin-life-lessonTime and time again, I’ve learned the hard lesson that it’s harder to get back into a routine than it is to stick with one. The trouble with that in regards to writing (at least as far along as I am) is that writing is only a small aspect of putting out a book. Right now my to do list is full of editing, and for some reason, I can’t get into the same daily habits as I did in January when I was writing. Part of it is that I have more than one project on the go, but even further, I have more than one medium on the go. Hot on the heels of the Wii Like To Podcast Anniversary Show, Arvin and I are still working on our new podcast (and it’s starting to become a time sink). Flags and High Fives is a retrospective on WLTP and so far, the first episode has taken us several weeks to hammer out. Continue reading “Flags And High Fives”

Back to the Grind

Blog No. 223

wltpI’m back in Windsor for a while. (Not that I’m complaining). February was a chaotic whirlwind that I think I’m going to miss (but not until I catch up on my sleep and get back in my right frame of mind). In the two short months this year has throw at me, I’ve been successful in two opposite ends of the spectrum. January was all about writing (to the detriment of anything else). February was about events, travel, and alternate mediums. The sad part is, that while February was fun and exciting, and I was in Toronto twice in as many weeks, my writing took a hit. True, I’ve been doing more editing than writing (because once you do one, you’ve got to do the other) but the whole process suffered. I did do a live podcast on YouTube with my buddy though, so there’s that! Continue reading “Back to the Grind”

The Real Story and A Live Show

Blog No. 222

16603026_10154327471585983_1164355251568661204_nLast week I rushed to get out what I thought my big Toronto reading was going to be like. As you may have suspected, I was a bit off. In hindsight, breaking into the Roger’s Centre is a lot harder than I thought. Trying to sneak in hundreds of people would be quite the challenge. Instead, I focused on the reading itself and things turned out well. Not key to the city well, but here we are. The folks at ChiZine were not only welcoming, but enthusiastic and fun! They even took us into the fold (but more on that later). For now I want to wildly speculate on my next trip to Toronto starting tomorrow! Continue reading “The Real Story and A Live Show”