Hark, An Event!

Blog Post No. 541

john20d20bradley20centreIt’s actually happening and as I write this, I don’t know how I feel about it. This Saturday, I’m going to be in Chatham at the CKExpo with Christian for my first event since 2019. That’s just in a few days and I’m excited and nervous and feel pretty silly that something I used to do so regularly is affecting me so much. I’ll be wearing a mask the whole time (thanks for the N95, bro) and bringing a big bottle of sanitizer, and maybe a pack of wipes, I haven’t decided.

At my last doctor’s appointment, I nervously asked what he thought about me attending an event. I’m up to date on my boosters and I still wear a mask at work, so I was already planning to wear one for the event. He thought I should be fine (which is it’s own relief). I had thought he would say it was a bad idea since he’s very vocal about the advice he’s tried to give all his patients (even when they don’t listen) but he seemed pretty relaxed when he said it was okay so I messaged Christian and let him know I was able to go!mark-hamill-carrie-fisher-peter-mayhew-star

I actually haven’t been to the CKExpo, though Christian has been a few times with other folks. Don’t get upset. He didn’t betray me (those times). I wasn’t available, so he had to choose someone else. I like the idea of my first event back being in Chatham. It’s out of town, so it feels like a real event, but it’s very close, so the drive won’t be a big deal and we don’t need to stay overnight.

Christian has also kindly agreed to test before we drive up so I won’t feel like I need to wear a mask in the car like a weirdo. I’m excited to get back into our never ending conversation on how we would have done Star Wars better. Maybe I should binge Mandalorian before we go.

I’m also excited to try and sell some of my books, again. I’m pretty rusty with the whole thing and I’ve sold, I think, three of Snow from a Distant Sky. (Mostly my own fault for not pushing them). I suppose, since I haven’t been to CKExpo before, if I sell any books, it’ll be Thinking Machine, since it’s the first one. I have a lot to do in the next couple of days to get ready. I don’t even have an accurate count of my current stock. I have to figure out how to price it all, too. At this point, I’m more interested in selling the books I have rather than make any money on them. Everything is a bonus after so much time.the_lone_ranger

I should have made a list of all the things I did back when I was doing events all the time. I wouldn’t be scrambling so much if I had. Either way. I think it’s going to be a good day. I miss being part of that world. If it all goes well (and I don’t end up sick next week) I may start planning to attend more in the near future! Maybe I’ll even attend some of the local events I’ve been missing (and just sit in the back like a masked stranger and look totally cool, but only in my own head).


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