Fast Food

Blog Post No. 533

z0v4bt2e64x31In the coming weeks, I’ll hit a really weird milestone. I don’t remember the exact day (because who would) but it will be three years since I’ve had fast food. Initially I stopped getting fast food because of the lock down and not necessarily for the obvious health benefits. Even without the extra fat and sodium, I can’t say I’m eating especially healthy at home. I actually can’t stand when people spout nonsense about fast food being toxic or not real food. At least in Canada, there are enough regulations to ensure that the burger and fries are meat and potato. They’re just full of fats, carbs, salt, and sugar which in excess are terrible for you. The biggest takeaway for me has been how much money I’ve saved.

Realistically, it’s been good to avoid fast food. I ate way too much of it (mostly for lunch at the day job). Without boxing, I haven’t been working out enough, so even the little impact of no fast food has been helpful for my health. I’ve been making some strides back into exercise on my own (a story for a different post) but I’m also really feeling the craving to get some of the fast food I haven’t had.

kpw605I’ve been thinking about how to break the fast with fast food this month without going overboard. I think maybe having a meal once a month or something similar wouldn’t be too bad. As much as I’ve missed the disgusting deliciousness, I miss the convenience most of all. It’s so easy to pull into a drive through at lunch or on the way home. Since I also have to really jump in full force with the novella for the AWP anthology this month I’ll miss the speed of  fast food in between working during the day and writing in the evenings.

That can be mitigated with food prep, though. I tend to keep some frozen options on hand for when I need to microwave something when time is short. Not any better than fast food in the fat and salt categories, but pretty speedy. Thankfully, over the last three years, I’ve established a routine with making food at home. (Other than the occasional pizza). As long as I don’t get too lax, I should be able to introduce fast food as a treat and still maintain the habit. I’m pretty lazy, though, so I have to be careful.

giphyI haven’t decided what I want to start with (I kind of loved most fast food equally) but I haven’t had a crappy (but delicious) poutine in so long, so that will probably be what sways my decision the most. Some time this month, I’ll feel rushed to get home and get to writing the first draft. I’ll pull into a drive through and spend way too much money on an amount of food that will make me feel sick by the end of the night. In the moment, though, I’ll feel elated and I hope that will give me a boost to my writing (that night). But, it probably won’t. Still, I’ll enjoy the treat.


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