The 2023 Release Schedule

Blog Post No. 528

153a670d-7d7f-4642-b35f-1d87bfb8e3f3_textI’m not going to lie. The title of this post is a bit of a bait-and-switch. To be completely upfront, there is only one book planned for this year and even it’s only in the planning stages. I’ve started writing my part of it, though, so I want to talk a little about it. I briefly mentioned a potential anthology in a couple of recent posts. At that point, it was just a rough idea, but now, the participants have had a meeting to discuss ideas and plot themes. After that meeting, my brain does what it does and I was buzzing with ideas. It’s hard to not start on a new project with that excitement brewing, so I wrapped up what I had on my plate and started with an opening chapter.

As I’m sure every reader is aware, I’m still in the middle of editing the Invasion Novel. It’s currently in the hands of the second round of beta readers, so I’m in waiting mode. Traditionally, I don’t get a lot done while I wait, but ideally I’d be working on a short story or getting my hands dirty in something else that I can drop when the edits come back or can be wrapped up quickly so the edits don’t wait too long. That’s the idea, anyway. While Christian had the book, I did get some shorts done (the first for a long time) and so far this time, I was able to do a beta read for Brittni (while she’s reading the invasion novel; so it works out nice and neatly).

giphy-2Since my book is so much longer than hers was (and since she tends to have fewer typos) I was able to get her book back a bit faster. That leaves me free to start on this story for the anthology (that may or may not happen this year). To be honest, I was a little hesitant to start. I’m not sure when I’ll get Brittni or Justin’s (the other person beta reading this round) edits back and with more shakeups at the day job and general busyness, I’m worried I won’t be able to write every day until this draft is finished like I did for the last three novellas.

Also, I feel like I was using editing as an excuse to not write. First drafts can be intimidating for the aforementioned reasons and because staring down a first blank page is a bit like staring up at a mountain. In my head, the ideas are perfect. As soon as I write them down, I’m putting them in a box. The idea of having to start and stop when I don’t have time to write one day or I’m burnt out from other things, or I get the edits back and I feel the weight of them as the Invasion Novel takes more and more time to finish, fills me with trepidation.

agilegeneralichidna-size_restrictedBut I can’t let that stop me from moving forward. There’s no reason why my daily writing has to be 1000 words or more. Some days, with other projects and other responsibility taking precedence I should still be able to get 500 (or even 300) words done. Also, I could be lucky and not have huge sweeping changes to make to the Invasion Novel (but I almost certainly will have at least some work to do). I should be able to balance doing some editing and some writing. Possibly most importantly, if this book does come out this year, it won’t be until the last few months, so I have more than a month to get my first draft done. I just need to make sure to not let it languish if I get overwhelmed and need to put it on hold.

It’s all up to future Ben. Now Ben has to work on something and why not make progress towards this rather than start something else which could leave me with more work and stress to manage when the Invasion Novel looms it’s ever present head again. I’m pretty excited for this anthology, too. The idea is neat and I know the other others who are potentially involved will write something different from me and certainly interesting. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll have another short novella in my back pocket if another opportunity arises.


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