Blog Post No. 526

vhs01Welcome to the end of 2022. As is tradition, I’ll write a nice long post looking back on the year when I get to the year-end of the blog in mid January. This post is all about looking to the future. The distant future of 2023, to be exact. Will there finally be flying cars and food in pill form? I have no idea, but I kind of hope not. I’ll settle for better healthcare and cheaper groceries. I’d also really like to finally get out of the house more and specifically start attending events again. I’ve been writing these looking ahead posts since the early days of the website and so far my predictions have been unreliable at best. That doesn’t mean I’m not sincere when I state my goals (also, it’s mostly fun to look to the future and dream). Also, the lock-downs have reminded us that the world doesn’t care about what plans you’ve made.

Plans will be made by me, for me, and whatever happens, I’ll have to roll with it the same way we all do. That being said, I managed to get the sixth draft of the Invasion Novel out to beta readers, so draft seven is priority number one for next year. Whenever I get it back, I’ll dive into it at full speed. I can’t say for sure I’ll drop whatever I have going on in order to get back on the edits. That makes sense if I’m a single writing session into a short story, but it’s less reasonable if I’m at the end of a short story.

honorableshadowyfennecfox-size_restrictedSpeaking of short stories, I plan on getting a few more done this coming year with the goal of submitting them to open calls. I may write a few because I feel like it and then see where they can be submitted and/or see what open calls there are and write stories specifically for them. I don’t have a strong opinion on those options one way or another, but I’ll probably end up doing both for practicality sake. There are a few ideas I’d really like to explore, but writing for a specific publication is also a smart (and probably efficient) move.

I’m also in talks with Christian and Brittni about doing an anthology for 2023. If we do it, it’ll be an end of the year release. There may or may not be more people involved. The book is still in the idea phase. If we go ahead with it, I’ll have to make the time to write either a novella or a few short stories specifically for the collection. When will depend on specifics to be decided at a future date (but not to far in the future because time moves very fast when working on a book release). Expect to read more about it in the next couple of months as decisions are made.

d55b1bbb-3538-4cb2-a4a5-aa6d755d13eb_textI intend to start the Salvage Novel next year, too. Again, when is dependent on the other projects. The Invasion Novel is top priority. I want to have it out to agents before I write the first sentence of a second novel. If I make a commitment to do the anthology, that will also take priority because there will be other people involved and I don’t want to let them down. Hopefully, with my experience doing the Synthetic Albatross Series and finishing the Invasion Novel, I’ll be able to get both the first (plus) draft of the Salvage Novel, the story for the anthology, and some shorts done in 2023. Looking at it all now, it seems like a lot, but a year is a long time and I’ve managed to write more than that before.

In between all the writing (and the inevitable tribulation from the day job) I hope to be attending and potentially hosting some events. I’m still really cautious (especially with the state of emergency rooms in my province) but I’ve taken all the precautions that I can, I’ve worked large events at the day job with people not following any precautions of their own, and I’ve managed to stay healthy so far. I’ll talk with my doctor at my next appointment to get his opinion, but I think I’ll eventually have to start taking some risks (while being as cautious as possible). I really do hope that I’ll be returning to public life at least a little next year. I’ll miss hiding in the basement with my books, video games, and writing, though.

Until next time, I hope you have a good new year leading to an excellent 2023. Thanks for continuing to visit.


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