A Quiet Holiday

Blog Post No. 525

xmasstoryIt’s holiday season and my family’s Christmas celebration is happening this weekend, so that’s what this post is going to be all about. But, before I dive into that, I do want to point out that I did manage to get the sixth draft of the Invasion Novel done last Friday. I even sent it out to a couple of folks who were eager do do a beta read for me. I have no idea when they’ll get back to me, but the current word count is under 120 000 words, so I suspect it’ll be some time. While I wait for that, I’ve started on another short story. I’m still shaking off the short story cobwebs, but I’m excited to be back to the format that I first fell in love with.

As for my holidays. This year my family celebration is going to be about as small as we’ve ever had it. Not only will there just be a few of us in attendance, but other than the present exchange, we’re only having an early dinner. My brother and I may resurrect our Christmas night beer tasting/movie watching tradition, though. Which will be nice. As I say every year, I haven’t been super excited with the holidays since I started working retail. They really beat it out of you. I do love to spend time with my family, though. So, this may be my best Christmas yet.hqdefault

I’m getting some time off from the day job, too. Traditionally, the job has always gotten busier later in the year culminating with a shutdown between Christmas and New Year’s Day. While we’re technically not open during that time, we do accept rentals, so there’s usually a shift or two in there. Still, it was always a nice reprieve.

This year, the tenant who has dictated our open times will be closed, so we get to close, too. I’m really looking forward to that time off (even though my bank account isn’t). I don’t have the Invasion Novel to edit, so I hope to keep working on the short story and maybe the Adventure Worlds writers will have a virtual chat to discuss a possible anthology for next year.

bdkinil_udhicdtqvc9hmfemlcu3_4opmczobzgukt4I mentioned maybe doing a collection for next year before. Since both my and Brittni’s series’ are over, we don’t have anything scheduled for release and it’s the ten-year-anniversary of Adventure Worlds Press, so we’d like to at least talk about putting out a book. As for what that book may be, I have no idea. Hopefully we get to talk about it and I can start working on a story for it.

I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time loafing around, too. I have one more post to do for this year. It’s the annual look forward at the new year. Until then, I hope you have some nice time with family and friends and maybe your own reprieve from what’s been weighing you down this year.


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