Invasion Novel – Update

Blog Post No. 524

fa7I sure hope I’m not going to be shooting myself in the foot (since I write my posts before their Thursday release) but if things go according to my current schedule, I should be done this draft of the Invasion Novel by tomorrow. I’m calling it the sixth draft even though I’ve been through the book more than six times. I feel like this is the sixth version of the book, though, so I’m sticking with it. While I’m optimistic that I’ll be finished, there is one potential issue that could make me a liar.

I have fewer than 100 pages of this draft to go which is a little less than a third of the book. The potential issue is that this section of the book has the ending and that’s where I’ve made the most changes since Christian‘s beta read. I’m confident that I’ve made the ending stronger, but since several small things are different (that had to be adjusted throughout the book) I may be underestimating how long it will take me to clean up those pages.

200wOr, maybe they’re perfect and I’m worrying for nothing. One of the goals for this read-through of the book was to make sure the changes I made are consistent and make sense. Once I get to the end, it’ll be sent off to the next round of beta reads (I think there are three folks who are nice enough to take it this time around). I’m pretty happy with the current length, but there are a couple of places where the story may drag so while I haven’t purposely cut anything with this draft, I’m expecting to get notes on those areas from the new round of beta readers.

Or, again, maybe not. I find it hard to judge what needs to be cut when I get down to this draft of a story. It’s a little easier to kill your darlings (as they say when you have to cut out parts of your book) when you’re 30 000 words over your target word count. It’s more difficult when you’re just under where you set your theoretical maximum. But, that’s why we get other people to read our writing. I hope that there will be fewer changes to make from here on out, but if one of the readers points out something that needs to go (or be added) there’s not much to do but keep on working.

giphy-2In the mean time. I’ll be digging into a few more short stories. I don’t know how much time I’ll get, but I suspect I’ll be able to get at least one finished. Then, once I get my reviews back, I’ll try to get through them quickly and probably see if there is another group of kind folks willing to do a third round of beta reads. I have no idea how long it will all take, but eventually, I’ll be sending the book off to agents. I hope it’s going to be sooner rather than later. I have more short stories I want to write and the Salvage Novel start but all that has to wait for the Invasion Novel to be finished.


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