Three Posts in One!

Blog post No. 520

vqooowI’m going to try something new this week. The end of the year is just around the corner and I’d like to get my views and visits up a bit. More importantly, I’m a little low on things to write about so I decided to take three ideas that may not be enough for a whole post and see if putting them together is something. I could have stretched each one out into a full post, giving me three weeks worth of material, but would those three weeks be any good? We’ll never know since I decided to try this instead!

Section One: Digital vs. Physical
I ordered a new CD and a new Record this week. I picked up a couple of extra hours at the day job on Mondays (losing half-an-hour to an automatically deducted break). Since most of my holiday shopping is done, I thought I could get away with the purchase. I’ve been trying to go back to getting physical items in general; books, movies, games, and music. Partly because it’s nice to have the physical object (especially when the object is cool like an album or special edition movie. The bigger reason is that, while I’m all in for the convenience of digital media, I like to own the things I pay for.

mounties-totebag_withbackground_41fd0a71-151d-4a73-a0ac-08c8558be9eb_540xI have Prime for Amazon which comes with limited access to their music streaming. I used it to check out bands that I hear on the radio and see if I’d like to buy their albums. Now, they’ve changed the system to try and force people to pay for the premium service. They used to have a large selection of artists behind a paywall, now you can only listen to a generated playlist inspired by the song or album you’d like to listen to.

I only ever used the service because it was bundled with what I was already paying for, but now I’ve deleted the app. It’s just one more reason to purchase the media I want so that I’m not reliant on services that can change their rules whenever it suites them. Unfortunately, the list of albums and books I want to buy is really big, so I’ll probably never own all the ones I’d like.

Section Two: Construction in Every Direction
giphy-1This one is a much more personal gripe and would totally not stand on its own as a post, but it’s been consuming a large part of my daily life for the last couple weeks and I can’t understand the reasoning behind it. No matter what direction I take to get from my home to the day job, I am forced to go through construction.

Why do cities do this? Why do they block every street going in the same direction in one area of a city. Every north-south  street and road is partially blocked off and my fifteen to twenty minute commute is now forty minutes or more. I can understand when there are big projects like when they built the parkway several years ago, but with a new bridge, the road the trucks that are working on the bridge take, the main thoroughfare, and the back-road all under construction, where are motorists supposed to go?

Part Three: Talking about Art
55505726_10158609349367293_5480652228479942656_nI had the chance to speak with an artist friend the other day and it made me really miss the random conversations I would get into out in the world. I would often see this guy at the nearby Anchor Coffee House which closed during the shutdown. I had so many great conversations at that counter over the years. I’m glad Anchor is still around, but it’s pretty far from where I live and they don’t have the same kind of counter in their current location.

Still, getting the chance to talk about creativity, the differences between writing stories and writing music, events, community, promotion, and countless other related subjects was so great. I enjoy talking writing with my writer friends, but the perspective and ideas that come out of comparing similar but distinctly different industries has its own benefits.

giphy-2Unfortunately, every time I talk with this same friend, I am reminded how much more work I need to do on not taking over conversations and making it about me. Hopefully I’m getting better in that respect. At least I notice when I’m doing it.

Okay. That’s three different subjects crammed into one post. What do you think? Did it make any kind of sense? Was it too long? Would you have preferred that I gave one or more of the topics more attention? Let me know because I have another post to write for next week (and next week comes faster and faster these days).


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