Low Expectations

Blog Post No. 509

giphy-1Just before I started to get back into editing the Invasion Novel (see last week’s post for details) I finished off a short story that I was writing for the specific purpose of submitting to an open call. Christian has had so many good things to say about Eerie River Publishing (the publisher that released Infested) and he’s been doing so well with selling short stories, that I was inspired to submit to one of Eerie River’s Open Calls. The thing is, it’s a horror publisher and the open call is for a horror story. Which would be great if I wrote horror stories.

Funnily enough, there have been several people in interviews or at events who have assumed that since Christian writes horror, that I’m a horror author, too. I like some horror (the same way I like some parts of most genera) I just don’t have a natural knack for it. I’ve come up with a few ideas that I think would make for good horror stories, but good horror is a lot more than just the story. There’s atmosphere, tension, an so many tropes that are hard to get right if you’re not an avid horror fan.

200The goal for my recent return short stories is ultimately to get some of those stories published. After knocking out a couple that I had started at various times in the distant past, I wanted to write a short story from start to finish before jumping into the Invasion Novel again. At least, I hoped I would get the chance. At the same time, Christian and Brittni were discussing the open calls at Eerie River.

I went to the website to check it out and read up on some of the many open calls they had in the works. I had no notion that I would write a short for any of them, but one call was ending at the end of the month and I told myself that if I had an idea, I would try to write it. Unfortunately, I did have an idea and while it’s not heavy on the horror, I think it’s going to be totally different from all the other submissions they’re going to get, so I figured I may as well write it and submit it.

giphy-2I doubt it’ll get chosen. I’m pretty happy with the end result given how quickly I wrote it, but it’s really light on the horror. I figured, if it doesn’t get chosen, I’ll have a short story in the bank and I’ll have gone through the process, which could be helpful when the next open call comes along and I have something more in line with the subject matter. Plus, if I go in with really low expectations, I won’t be disappointed when it’s not taken. And if it does get take–whoa, boy, I’ll be surprised.


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