Late Little Post for my Birthday (2022)

Blog Post No. 501

fatvillainousgrizzlybear-size_restrictedWelcome to the far side of 500 posts. Usually in the middle of June, I write a little post for my birthday. It’s usually short and sweet (like a little break for both of us). I may have a comment on the concept of birthdays, or my personal experience with my own annual holiday. Maybe I come up with something specific for the year (like last year’s pandemic birthday post).

The topic is set, so there’s not a lot of room to wander (though I certainly try). Since my birthday happened during the 500th post stuff, I thought I’d do a little post now. A birthday retrospective, perhaps? I don’t feel like getting into another long post that requires digging into my past, so definitely not that. What does that leave for me to write about?200

I don’t care a ton about my age (other than trying to stay healthy as long as possible). The day itself has lost a lot of the excitement that comes from birthdays of youth. I’m not overly bothered by the concept, nor do I think it’s the be-all of celebration. If anything, I can respect everyone in the world getting a day that’s all about them (as long as they are okay with sharing it with countless others around the globe).

giphy-5-1583660947-1583660949This year, I almost forgot that it was my birthday. I’m still not celebrating due to the pandemic, I’ve been bogged down by the day job, and I was more concerned with the 500th post. So, now my birthday has past and I’m slightly older. I’m looking forward to visiting my parents (which also had to be pushed back) but that’s more about seeing them and eating cake than celebrating. Still. I’m pretty happy, so I don’t want you to think I’m a total downer. I’m just a little bit of a downer. So, come back next week for something a little more substantial. Maybe.


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