Missing the Sessions

Blog Post No. 493

279865827_569204257870846_1171485783463903058_nChristian was at Shock Stock last weekend and I can’t tell you how disappointed I was that I didn’t go with him. (But let me try. I was very disappointed). I’ve mentioned a few times recently that I don’t feel comfortable at public gatherings yet. That means he had to make the difficult decision to go without me. I know he must have been torn, but he soldiered on alone—with his family. His daughter filled my roll admirably, selling stickers (and probably drawing in more people than I would have with my dumb books).

Now that more and more events are happening, I’m starting to feel a bit left out. Not only do I want to go to the book events, readings, concerts, and conventions that I’m seeing friends take part in, but I miss the smaller every day stuff, too. Since I’ve been struggling with editing the Invasion Novel, I’ve been particularly missing meeting up with the Writing Wrecking Crew for some working sessions.

20190107_122814_hdrIt was so great to be able to get together at a coffee shop or someone’s house to talk shop and push each other to get some work done. There are so many reasons why it’s beneficial that I won’t list them all here, but rest assured that when I’ve struggled in the past, working with others has been very helpful.

I really miss the non-work aspects of meeting with the group, too. It’s fun to hang out and talk with people who are in the same boat. It can be therapeutic to get their advice and perspective. I guess I could do that over the phone or internet, but it’s special to actually go out and see the person. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed spending my free afternoons or evenings after the day job on those chats and that work rather than on watching television (which I do way too much anyway).

img_20160805_133411I even miss just hanging out at Anchor bothering the staff or catching up with the fellow customers who sat at the counter. I used to head out alone to get something to eat at Barrel House before a Sunday afternoon shift or to get pizza at a restaurant with a friend. I’m lucky that I live with my brother and that we get along enough to order in Slices and hang out at home, but while that’s it’s own kind of fun, there’s little chance for adventure.

I haven’t tried anything new in two years. Not that I’m so adventurous, but even I get bored with my precious routine from time to time. I suppose I’m just verbalizing how most people have felt during the pandemic (and why they are all so “over it” even with numbers climbing again). I know that when I do start going out again, it won’t be long before I go back to hiding in my basement most days (especially in the summer heat). But my wistfulness isn’t just about missing the fun events like Shock Stock, but the every day Wrecking Writing Crew meetings and the semi-regular meals with friends. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can start venturing out a little more. I know Christian wants to do a launch in June for his and my new books, so maybe I’ll be ready by then.

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